Woman Is Told She Can't Vote Because of Her Shirt, So She Takes It Off

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It happened in a flash.

In Exeter, New Hampshire Tuesday, a woman attempting to vote was told she couldn’t because of her clothes.

She was donning a t-shirt which declared, “McCain Hero, Trump Zero.”

That was deemed a form of electioneering.

As her name was checked by a poll worker, Town Moderator Paul Scafidi told the apparent anti-Trumper she couldn’t practice political suffrage with apparel sporting a candidate.

What’s a gal to do?

Well, she argued.

As reported by SeaCoast Online, the wannabe lever-puller asserted she’d been singled out.

After all, a lady in an American flag shirt wasn’t catching any flack.

Moderator Paul recalled:

“She asked, ‘Why her and not me?’ I said she was going to have to cover her shirt, and (a shirt) supporting the American flag was not electioneering. That’s my opinion, and that was my call as the moderator.”

State law demands no person “shall distribute, wear, or post at a polling place any campaign material.”

Violators may face a $1,000 fine.

Presumably, the woman didn’t wanna fork over ten Benjamins. So she did something select male voters may have found…grand.

From SCO:

[T]he woman asked [Paul] if he wanted her to take her shirt off, despite not wearing anything underneath.

“I said, I’d rather she not,” Scafidi said.


Refusing to be stripped of her right to vote, the ambitious agent of change removed her shirt about a hero and became, surely to some, the same thing.

“[S]he took it off so fast, no one had time to react, so the whole place just went, ‘Whoa,’ and she walked away, and I let her vote.”

It was the 19th Amendment or Bust.


Paul pointed out, “She could’ve just gone into the hallway and turned it inside-out.”

And he could’ve thrown her out due to indecency.

But he thought it was breast best not to:

“I could have (had her removed), but I didn’t want to exacerbate the whole thing. I don’t know if she was trying to have me get her arrested, but I thought it was better to just let things play out. I don’t think there were more than 15 voters in the building at the time and if there were any children there, I didn’t see them.”

In going topless, she seems to have racked up a fan:

“If she felt it was her right, more power to her,” Scafidi said. “We all laughed about it as things were winding down, so I don’t know if it was a set-up, but I’ve never experienced anything like that. We had more important things to worry about; we had to get 2,000 people to vote safely, and check-in and count 2,000 absentee ballots.”

Not all Americans care to cast their ballots. Some even think voting is for boobs.


A woman in New Hampshire may not have disproven the cynics, but the enfranchised improvisor did make one thing clear: She understands the importance of choosing her leaders; the lady’s got skin in the game.

Until next time, my fellow fans of democracy…ta-ta.



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