Pillow Fight: Major Retailers Pull MyPillow From Their Shelves

Pillow Fight: Major Retailers Pull MyPillow From Their Shelves
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These days, everything’s political.

Even your pillow.

And as many of you know, amid a cacophony of companies taking prominent positions on the Left side of the aisle, one of the few conservative voices coming from the corporate world is that of Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow.

Mike’s no stranger to the ideological arena — he ran for Ilhan Omar’s congressional seat in 2019.

And he’s used to being targeted: In April — as we were knee-deep in the pandemic — he agreed to retool his factories in order to make medical masks.

That prompted a Court House News reporter to endeavor upon a dirt dig:

Now Mike’s being muddied by the moves of stores no longer wanting to promote HisPillow.

As dished by The Daily Caller, major retailers are cutting his comfy headrest from their inventory.

Speaking to Right Side Broadcasting, he said he received calls this week from no less than Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s informing him of the incision.

Also closing up shop on his cloudlike sleep support: online operator Wayfair and grocery chain HEB.

Here’s how he relayed the news to RSBN:

“I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re dropping MyPillow. Just got off the phone not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places.”

In these blacklisting times, Mike figures it comes down to fear:

“These guys don’t understand, they’re scared, like a Bed Bath & Beyond, they’re scared.”

But it sounds like the inventor’s hopeful for healing:

“They were good partners. In fact, I told them, ‘You guys come back anytime you want.’”

He suspects the bump’s due to an effort by the coincidentally-named Sleeping Giants — per the Caller, “a progressive activist group that specializes in pressuring corporations to stop advertising on conservative networks.”

Lindell has a different way of characterizin’ ’em: “the most evil people on the planet.”


“This is the evil Left. This is the evil crazy Left, deep state or whatever it is.”

All of this, of course, follows controversy over the 2020 election.

Mike was none too shy about sounding off:

Back to Sleeping Giants, on Tuesday, it tweeted success:

One user thanked SG:

Another looked toward Costco joining the pillow fight:

Nevertheless, it seems Mike’s still on the Trump Train.

From TDC:

Lindell was photographed outside the White House on Friday before meeting with Trump, The New York Times reported.

As businesses bury themselves further into politics — not unlike a head into a pillow — the war of commerce continues its merger with the battle between Blue and Red.

Will we see more stores dropping products based on partisanship?

I’d say you can bet on it.

Even though — to me, at least — enterprise and affairs of government make for strange bedfellows.



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