'Journalist' Asks for Dirt on My Pillow After They Retool to Produce Masks

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell speaks as President Donald Trump listens during a briefing about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House, Monday, March 30, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


If you needed any more proof that the majority of the journalism industry today is a cesspool, I present to you this stunning example.

A “reporter” for Court House News who has over 122,000 Twitter followers is now asking for dirt, not just on Mike Lindell, but his pillow company in general. This comes after the business owner agreed to retool his factories in order to produce life-saving masks, a decision that is no doubt costing him lots of money.

Here’s the tweet from Adam Klasfeld.

I’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to name-calling in articles (just a personal thing), but man does that tweet make me want to set them on fire and just unleash. It’s hard to express how terrible of a human being someone must be to go where Klasfeld is going after a guy simply decides to provide healthcare workers masks during a pandemic.


Further, this isn’t “journalism.” He’s asking for randos on a social media platform to send him unsubstantiated nonsense, at which point he’ll write them up as authoritative. We’ve seen this game played many times.

The fact that Mike Lindell donated to Trump is only relevant in so far as that relationship likely pushed Lindell to make the changes he’s making. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing, and there’s zero evidence that any impropriety went on here. Dozens of other CEOs, including some who are Democrats, have also gotten time at these pressers to talk about what they are doing to help. Why should Lindell be treated differently?

Journalism as an industry is just garbage right now. Outlets like CNN and reporters like Klasfeld only accelerate their own demise, and it’s a well-deserved one.



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