Star Debra Messing Promises to Pull Support from Any Network or Advertiser That Puts Kayleigh McEnany on TV

Star Debra Messing Promises to Pull Support from Any Network or Advertiser That Puts Kayleigh McEnany on TV
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Actress Debra Messing’s not a fan of conservative politics.

Or, at least, of conservative politicians.

As the four years of a Trump White House comes to an end, what will become of those in the administration?

Surely some will end up on TV.

Debra’s watching, and she’s ready – to boycott.

In a Monday tweet, the “Will & Grace” star laid it out – if Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany graces the small screen, any enablers will pay a price:

“If I ever see @kayleighmcenany on a panel on a news show or hired by a network, I am immediately ceasing to support every single advertiser on that network.”

She added a hashtag:


As noted by The Daily Wire, Debra’s not alone in her attitude.

Back in November “The View’s” Sunny Hostin talked tough love:

”You know, I think that Trump, um, tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op. I think that Trump ripped children from their parents. I think that Trump called NFL players ‘sons of bitches.’ … I think those people in his administration that not only drafted some of those policies but were complicit in some of those policies shouldn’t be forgotten.”


“People like Kirstjen Nielsen, people like Stephen Miller, people like Kellyanne Conway, people like Vice President Mike Pence who was woefully inadequate of his role as the head of the coronavirus task force and people like Ben Carson and Betsy Devos, I don’t think those people should be able to profit from their experience within the Trump administration. I don’t think they should be forgotten. I don’t think we should look the other way. I think we need to remember, because if you don’t remember things then past becomes prologue.”

Is that sort of like McCarthyism?


“I do think people need to be held accountable for their actions and, um, I don’t think it’s reminiscent of McCarthyism at all.”

Back to Debra, she’s an established advocate of answerability.

Last September, the entertainer teamed with her “Will & Grace” co-star against anyone in Tinseltown keen on the Commander-in-Chief:

But then:


Nonetheless, Messing’s commendably committed and consistent.

The PSI Global Ambassador and Women of Achievement Award winner continues along the progressive path, though she sometimes manages a misstep.

From my March 12, 2019, coverage:

[D]ebra Messing recently caught the ire of the woke, all because of her fondness for women-empowering vagina cupcakes. You know — just like mama used to make.

She provided a glimpse of the tasty treats on Instagram, accompanied by a triumphant proclamation:

“Happy International Women’s Day! Powerful, beautiful, and sweet.”

Some tweeters were tweaked:

  • “So when are we gonna stop equating genitalia to gender?”
  • “I love you so much, Debra, but this is suuuuper exclusionary of trans women & that’s not cool!!!”
  • “I hope u realize this literally excludes trans women.”
  • “Love you Debra. But my anatomy doesn’t define me. Nor does the absence of one define trans women. Just saying.”
  • “Just a friendly reminder that body parts do not equate gender.”
  • “Much love to all women today and everyday. Be fierce!”
  • “This is very cool! But let’s not erase trans women.”
  • “Not all women have vulvas…”
  • “If I wanted to hear the opinion of every TERF in the world, this comment section would be the perfect place to do so…”

So what’d she do?

Apologized and kept on truckin’:

“I want to apologize to my trans sisters. This photo was supposed to be light, & sassy. The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was, ‘Wow, how wonderful.’ Each one is unique in color and shape and size. The porn industry has perpetuated this myth of what a ‘beautiful’ vagina looks like and as a result there are women who feel shame or insecure about the shape of the vulva. I loved that this picture said, ‘Every single one is beautiful and unique and that’s powerful.’ I did not, however, think, ‘But there are innumerable beautiful, unique and powerful women who don’t have a vagina.’ And I SHOULD have. And for that I am so so sorry. Thank you for righting my wrong.”

A woman not beautiful, I’m assuming…and who should feel shame and insecurity: a certain soon-to-be erstwhile press secretary.

No cupcake for you, McEnany.




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