'What the--?' Tucker Responds to Congressman Questioning the Allegiance of White Male National Guard Members

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Tucker Carlson is perplexed.

On Monday, Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen appeared on “CNN Newsroom” to discuss America’s upcoming Inauguration Day.


Speaking to host Jim Sciutto, the politician pontificated on the National Guard nested in the nation’s capital.

If you haven’t heard, the Guard will serve up security during the January 20th ceremony.

As reported by CBS News, there’s been a bit of vetting ahead of the event:

General Daniel R. Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told CBS News national security correspondent David Martin the Guard has been meeting with its troops as they arrive in D.C.

“In coordination with the Secret Service and the FBI, they’re screening all the personnel that are coming in,” Hokanson said.


Rep. Steve’s taking things to the next level: He’s worried about the racial and sexual breakdown of those in uniform.

The representative’s really thought this through:

“The Guard is 90 some-odd percent male, and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that, in the Guard — which is, predominately, more conservative…there are probably not more than 25% of the people that are there protecting us that voted for Biden.”

So can they be relied upon? What if they’re in cahoots with a criminal cabal?

I’m assuming those were the inquiries Steve intended to imply, but maybe I’m mistaken.


Either way, Tucker was turned off.

Cohen’s comments, he suggested, could have an “awful” impact.

Carlson’s concerned:

“People are saying some very, very radical things. And what worries me is that once people start saying these things, other people respond with radical things.”

Of course, all of this follows the chaos of January 6th.

Hence, The Daily Caller notes, 25,000 National Guard members will likely be on hand during Joe Biden’s swearing in.

And in Tucker’s opinion, Steve’s downright irresponsible:

“If Donald Trump is responsible for urging people towards the Capitol — and I think it’s fair to say he does bear some responsibility for that — then how culpable will Steve Cohen and the rest be for the next awful…thing that happens after they spent every day on television attacking people for their skin color?”

Unfortunately, if you’re white and male – he pointed out – your options are limited:

“You can’t control what your skin color is. You can’t control what your sex is.”

Tucker had a considerably concise way of summing his thoughts:

“What the hell?”

He went on to insist it’s “grotesque” to say “you need a background check because of your skin color.”

And he lamented the Democrat’s dearth of de-escalation:


“You attack people, you don’t make them less extreme. … And they know that, and they are doing it anyway. Which ought to really make you pause.”

People shouldn’t, he asserted, be scrutinized simply because of their race or sex.

Ultimately, he doesn’t believe Americans share Steve’s suspicions:

“Most Americans are decent people — they don’t blame entire groups for the crimes of a few. Bigotry is immoral, and so is collective punishment. There is nothing more Un-American than that.”



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