Biden's Climate Team Is Ready to Fight - for Racial Justice

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You may have heard of racism — it’s a problem.

And you might’ve gotten word about climate change.

But did you realize the two are absolutely linked?


Such is the case, according to a couple of Joe Biden’s appointed weather warriors.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, on Thursday, the president-elect named Cecilia Martinez “senior director of environmental justice” and Maggie Thomas chief of staff for the Office of Domestic Climate Policy.

Per the Beacon, each has previously heralded the need for environmental edicts based on “racial and economic justice.”

The Daily Wire notes that, in 2019, “the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released an ‘Equitable & Just’ climate platform that demanded ‘environmental justice, equity and reducing pollution in overburdened communities’ be front and center in the fight against climate change.”

Via press release, here’s what Cecilia offered on the matter:

“For too long, systemic racism and injustice have disproportionately exposed economically disadvantaged communities, tribal communities, and communities of color to the highest levels of toxic pollution. As the current COVID-19 crisis demonstrates, the interconnection between environmental and health risks has created crisis conditions for communities already battling toxic pollution that causes respiratory and other illnesses. Unless intentionally interrupted, systemic racism will continue to be a major obstacle to creating a healthy planet. The only path forward is to design national climate policies that are centered on justice.”


As for Maggie, her Evergreen Action Plan favors the addition of trillions in the fight against the forces of unnaturally-nudged nature. Included: welfare programs confronting the cost of rent and utilities.

Plus: a migration from fossil fuels.

By way of the EAP, Maggie’s megaphoned the need for a “government-wide environmental justice initiative” focusing on “federal environmental policy around equity justice, and inclusion.”

As for systemic racism, some critics have claimed that — though the term has trended — specific instances of racism within the system are rarely particularly pinpointed so they can be pulverized.

On the other hand, some have recently announced evidence of the ailment’s existence:


Back to climate change, Power the Future Executive Director Daniel Turner fears Joe may use the premise of racial justice to accomplish a nationalizing America’s energy industry.

And a lot of uselessness:

“Punishing America’s energy workers will do nothing to address climate change, and it will do nothing to address injustices. It will, however, cause the prices of gas and utilities to rise sharply, and that will punish the less privileged most of all. We do need to talk about housing, employment, and racism, but doing so under the pretext of energy policy will deliver muddied, expensive, and pointless legislation.”

Meanwhile, the Beacon says Maggie and Cecilia aren’t too far from the cowfart-fighting Green New Deal:

Thomas and Martinez’s climate plans in many ways mirror the Green New Deal, a $94 trillion bill introduced by progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) in 2019. The legislation calls for the “economic transformation” of the United States and aims to provide “adequate” federal housing for every American. While Biden has not explicitly endorsed the Green New Deal, he has praised the bill as “a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face” and included many of its components in his $2 trillion climate plan. The proposal, released in July 2019, pledges to “comprehensively address the most pressing, intersectional environmental justice issues” by targeting federal subsidies to minority groups.


Whichever way it goes, expect Biden’s plans for justice to be green — the kind the government will need to enact them.



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