NRA Files for Bankruptcy, Pulls a Joe Rogan

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So in these Democratic-dominant times, how’s the NRA doin’?

Well, it’s filed for bankruptcy.

Moreover, as reported by The Daily Caller, the gun rights group is pulling a Joe Rogan: They’re moving to Texas.


On Friday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre posted a letter to the non-profit’s site laying out a change of plans.

Wayne announced the organization’s enacting “a restructuring plan that positions [it] for the long-term and ensures [its] continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom.”

Turns out they’re changing zip codes — at least, in part — to be “free from the toxic political environment of New York.”

The Empire State’s certainly been a problem for the pistol-packin’ bunch.

In August, RedState’s streiff covered things thusly:

Even though it had been teased to the media as an announcement of an impending indictment of President Trump on financial shenanigans, the press conference held earlier today by New York Attorney General Letitia James was a bit of a blockbuster despite the head-fake. What she announced was nothing less than her intent to put the National Rifle Association out of business by going after its business practices.

From Letitia’s home:

New York Attorney General Letitia James today filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association (NRA), the largest and most influential pro-gun organization in the nation. Attorney General James charges the organization with illegal conduct because of their diversion of millions of dollars away from the charitable mission of the organization for personal use by senior leadership, awarding contracts to the financial gain of close associates and family, and appearing to dole out lucrative no-show contracts to former employees in order to buy their silence and continued loyalty. The suit specifically charges the NRA as a whole, as well as Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre, former Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Wilson “Woody” Phillips, former Chief of Staff and the Executive Director of General Operations Joshua Powell, and Corporate Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer with failing to manage the NRA’s funds and failing to follow numerous state and federal laws, contributing to the loss of more than $64 million in just three years for the NRA.


Streiff considered the New York nesting a real head-scratcher:

Why in the name of Heaven would any conservative non-profit, particularly one with a profile like the NRA, stay incorporated in New York? That sounds like a death wish to me.

Speaking of heads, he noted, “New York is attempting to decapitate the gun rights movement in the United States.”

As for the lawsuit, NRA President Carolyn Meadows lambasted a “transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda.”

New York’s legal lunge appears to have prompted the recent filing.

Per Wayne, Chapter 11 is “often utilized by businesses, nonprofits and organizations of all kinds to streamline legal and financial affairs.”

And now, the National Rifle Association has a hospitable host:

LaPierre clarified:

I know we have welcomed many of you to our headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. We have no immediate plans to relocate, but we are forming a special committee to explore our strategic options in this regard. We want to determine if there are advantages to relocating our HQ operations to another state.


Or here’s, perhaps, a more succinct statement:

“We are DUMPING New York, and we are pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas.”

The company had better get ready for some extra work; the future’s looking like a metaphorical trigger lock:

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. The NRA may soon find out if that goes for problems, too.



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