School From 'Remember the Titans' May Soon Be Rechristened 'Kamala Harris High'

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Do you remember the Titans?

I’m referring to the storied football team in Disney’s movie of the same name.

Well, now a certain dominant Democrat may soon score a titanic touchdown.


At T.C. Williams High School, things are on the move.

The Alexandria, Virginia institution is looking into a notable name change.

In November, the school board voted unanimously to remove traces of T.C.

And why?

As it turns out, while serving as superintendent of the school system, he supported segregation.

Per the school, Mr. Williams — head honcho ’til 1963 — was a “staunch segregationist whose views could not have been more inconsistent with the vibrant, diverse and inclusive place we know today.”

He opposed desegregation after 1954’s Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. the Board of Education.

Hence, away he goes, and in his place comes a more modern moniker.

And what will that be?

As reported by The Daily Wire, it’s being left to students to decide.

Via an online poll courtesy of the school’s website, youngsters can rock the vote — who’d they prefer the person onwardly honored be?

One option:

Kamala Harris High School

The Wire notes the name news comes “after a year of racial unrest.”

Following nationwide protests and riots led by the Black Lives Matter movement, a growing number of government buildings — both at the federal and state level — have been renamed, replacing segregationists, Confederate leaders, and others now deemed unworthy of such an honor.


The district’s also eyeing an update for the Matthew Maury Elementary School.

Matthew’s commonly credited as the founder of modern oceanography.

His hitch: He was a naval officer in the Confederacy,

75% of survey respondents indicated they support the name nixing.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the replacement of both schools’ names will cost taxpayers roughly $330,000.

The main reason for such considerable cost: uniforms.

For those who don’t recall, Disney’s September 2000-released hit starred Denzel Washington as coach Herman Boone — of the actual T.C. Williams High — who was tasked with uniting young people amid integration upheaval.

In real life, the team — a product of separately-colored campuses combined — scored a 1971 state championship.

The school similarly succeeded in 1981 and 1987.

Back to Kamala, it’s warpspeed ahead for the former California senator: She’s not yet officially vice president, and she’s already looking at her own eastern educational namesake.

If, that is, kiddos pick her among the rest.

Also on the six-selection ballot:


Ruth Bader Ginsburg High School

Another contender:

George Floyd Memorial High School

At the moment — as was the case with Remember the Titans — it’s anyone’s ball game.



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