Goya Foods CEO Opens Another Can: The Left 'Weaponized' the Pandemic and 'Essentially Declared Martial Law'

Goya Foods CEO Opens Another Can: The Left 'Weaponized' the Pandemic and 'Essentially Declared Martial Law'
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Goya Foods’ CEO has thoughts on the pandemic and the politics involved, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

While guesting on Fox News Friday, Bob Unanue — in the words of The Daily Wire — “came out swinging.”

His target? Those to the Left of the aisle who’ve “weaponized” COVID-19 for political gain.

You might recall Bob landing in headlines last summer when he took a trip to Washington.

I covered the controversy:

[G]oya Foods President and CEO Bob Unanue went to the White House recently. More than that, he talked to Donald Trump… [H]e said some positive things about the Commander-in-Chief which…was called out…

The result: A boycott.

On Fox, host Steve Doocy hearkened to history:

“You were called to the White House to talk about the coronavirus and the response and you went, and then the political Left tried to cancel you with essentially a boycott. But then it turned around, people were supporting you with a buycott and I understand Goya Foods has just finished your biggest, most successful year ever.”

That’s when Bob bombed a politicization of pandemic proportion:

“Yes. You know, the problem is it’s a political year and they weaponized coronavirus unfortunately to shutdown this economy.”

The way the food man sees it, kill the economy, slay the soul:

“The worst thing we can do is shutdown our economy, kill our spirit. You know, we need a reason to get up in the morning: God, family, work. And they’re taking away our spirit.”

He likened the closure to a kind of chaos:

“They’re taking away our ability to work. They essentially declared martial law, I believe, in this country, shutting everything down. It’s the worst thing we could have done just for political gain.”

In the midst of waxing on work, he worked in a call to Big Tech:

“I think it’s criminal. I think it’s immoral. To shutdown this economy for this basically political reasons and, you know, we’re one nation under God. We’re not one nation under Twitter. We’re not one nation under big media, or under central government.”

Bob believes a reshuffling of priorities is in order:

“We’re trying to have media, Big Tech, control our lives, the government control our lives and we need to not move away from God, we need to move closer to God.”

And the First Amendment? He’s for it:

“They want to cancel God, they want to cancel our speech, they want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty, they want to control us. The few controlling the many like a bunch of sheep.”

Bold words for a businessman.

As you know, these days, corporations are monumentally in the mix where politics is concerned.

Far more often than not, such activism errs on the side of the DNC.

But every now and then, something of a different take turns up — such as a recent ad for Egard watches:

Will Goya incur a new boycott based on Bob’s beliefs?

The canned goods company’s opened another can of worms.

Surely activists will want to open a can back:

Surely more’s to come; stay tuned.



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