Cornell Requires Its Students to Get Vaccinated - but Not if They're Not White

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If you’re a student at Cornell, you’ll have to take a vaccine.

Unless you’re black.

Or Asian.

Or Hispanic.

Or American Indian.

Or have any other kind of skin that isn’t white.


As reported by Campus Reform, the university’s issued guidelines requiring students studying on campus to get a flu shot.

But not everyone’s the same; good leadership is flexible.

Therefore, the school’s made clear “students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color” are racially exempted from the mandate.

Simpler would’ve been, “All white people must get vaccinated.”

And why do all the non-whites not have to do what all the whites (mostly) have to? The Washington Free Beacon puts it thusly:

The university cited current and historical systemic racism as an acceptable reason for minority students to seek an exemption.

Here’s the university’s official summary:

It is understandable that the current Compact requirements may feel suspect or even exploitative to some BIPOC members of the Cornell community. Additionally, recent acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement may contribute to feelings of distrust or powerlessness.

[BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, and People of Color]

Cornell’s a student of history:

We know this history and validate the potential concerns it may raise. At the same time, we know that long-standing social inequalities and health disparities have resulted in COVID-19 disproportionately affecting BIPOC individuals. Higher percentages of individuals from these communities become infected with COVID, and the health outcomes related to infection are often more serious.


People who aren’t white might be unable to go to the doctor, or whatever places provide prevention:

Away from campus community, BIPOC individuals are not as likely to have access to preventive services or quality health care. The systems, services, and policies being implemented at Cornell seek to address these inequalities as well as the differential impacts.

The school does encourage people without white skin to still get vaccinated:

The vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and flu-related deaths. Those who get the vaccine not only protect themselves, but also the people around them who may be more vulnerable to serious flu illness, including infants, older adults, and those with underlying health conditions.

But it’s not gonna make ’em.

At the bottom of the webpage: “Racism as a Public health Crisis,” which laments “the depth of systemic racism in the U.S.”

Where wokeness and a trumpeting of race-focused living’s concerned, Cornell’s certainly a leader in the field.

In October, RedState reported the school’s English Department will no longer be called that.

Not everyone was on board:


And not every race has to be on board with taking the needle.

Not unless that race is white.

At Ivy League Cornell University.

To be clear, race aside, the college does also except those with a medical or religious reason.

But for non-whites who “may know the science and still feel distrusting of health care,” just request a shade-related exemption, and you’re off the systemically racist hook.



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