'Look in the Mirror': CNN Anchor Douses Democrat Officials for Breaking Their Own Coronavirus Rules

'Look in the Mirror': CNN Anchor Douses Democrat Officials for Breaking Their Own Coronavirus Rules
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Well…here’s something most of you don’t see often: a CNN anchor saying something you can watch just before dinner.

But lo, it happened: On Wednesday, Brianna Keilar flamed Democrats in power who’ve been more interested in you staying safe from COVID-19 — courtesy of their edicts — than they’ve cared about their germ-free selves.

Hence, officials tying your hands have been footloose and fancy free.

It’s the ol’ Hypocrites in Politics gag, and Brianna was callin’ ’em out.

As noted by The Daily Caller, she fingered California’s Gavin Newsom, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

All of the above were exposed for a breakage of coronavirus restrictions.

Here’s how Brianna broke it off:

“A number of Democratic leaders apologizing, or reversing course, after multiple occurrences of ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ They have been caught not following their own coronavirus guidelines.”

She listed each person’s foul-up, including a few public apologies along the way:

The reporter ripped ’em:

“The past few weeks brought into relief a pattern of leaders failing to lead by example, asking Americans to make sacrifices that they themselves are unwilling to make, and appearing sorry only when they’re caught.”

And not only are some Donkey Party peeps holding Americans to a different standard, they’re shaming officeholders across the aisle:

“Trust is built slowly, but it evaporates faster than reservations at a fancy restaurant. A lot of these leaders, they are looking across the aisle to blame Republicans who aren’t taking mask-wearing seriously. But maybe it’s time they also look in the mirror and ask themselves if that amuse-bouche was really worth it.”

From Merriam-Webster

Bouche: An allowance of food and drink for retinue in a royal or noble household.

From Gavin Newsom

Major Bouche:

Back to Brianna, given we’re talking about Democrats, it was a bold move to call out the political pack.

But it’s 2020, and the year’s full of surprises. Brace for more — including, to be sure, more funny phony business in the world of politics, money, and power.

And for all you who like a good scandal, here’s a bonus:

Keep ’em comin’, Benevolent Rulers.



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