Ruff on Racism: NBC Contributor Says Trump's Claims of Election Fraud Are Dog Whistles to White Supremacists

Charlie Neibergall


Do you know why President Trump is claiming voter fraud?

Michael Eric Dyson does.

And it’s quite the rousing revelation.

The Georgetown University sociology professor went on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday to discuss The Donald’s defiance of a bandied-about Biden Big Win.


As it turns out, the Leader of the Free World is…buckle up…racist.

Host Chuck Todd suggested Trump’s allegations of electoral impropriety contained “dog whistles.”

The question was posed to Michael — what does he think?

The professor minced no words. To hear him tell it, POTUS is pretty much poisonous:

“Well, it’s pretty unparalleled — a sitting president of the United States of America attacking with such vitriol and viciousness the very process of democracy that landed him the job to begin with.”

I seem to remember an entire side of the political aisle doing something like that for four years…

No matter, Michael believes Trump’s surely shooting himself in the foot:

“[W]hile he undercuts the prospects of American democracy, he’s undercutting his own legitimacy — the very thing about which he’s been obsessed over these years.”

As for high-pitched pipes only hounds can hear, the academic/Baptist minister — a “distinguished scholar of race and religion” as described by Vanderbilt News — is picking up what the President’s laying down.

Michael’s a math man:

“[H]e’s attacking Detroit: 79% black; he’s attacking Atlanta: 52% black; he’s attacking Philadelphia: 42% black; he’s attacking Milwaukee: 39% black.”

He greatly gets it, and here’s what he greatly gets:


“We get what he’s doing here. He’s trying to have his cake and eat it, too, so to speak. He has an uptick in voting among African American people — about 5% among black men, 4% among black women — and at the same time, he wants to be able to whistle to white supremacists and white nationalists that he is still their guy. And that he will continue to send out the notion that somehow, this is a fraud, the fraud is related to race, race is itself illegitimate, and as a result of that, you as a white person have every reason in the world — regardless of your stratification, whether you’re making, you know, $100 million a year or whether you’re barely making $10,000 — to ‘vote for me because I’m your guy.'”

So there ya go, white people — those of you who are making $100 million. And also, whoever’s left.

And to All of Earth, here’s an epic announcement: Donald Trump is “Anti-Everything.”

“This is destructive to the process of American democracy and one of the most powerful repudiations of enlightenment. Here’s a guy who’s anti-science, he’s anti-race, he’s anti-everything that makes this country, it seems, the very thing he wants to make it.”

Thus, we’re left to wonder: If Biden’s inaugurated, what in the world will major networks do with their time? They’ve spent over four years covering the Racist Reich of Devil Donald. If he’s out, will the MSM just rent out air for informercials?


If so, I hope they flaunt the Flowbee. It actually works — just ask George Clooney:

Sounds perfect for a cow lick. We’d might as well address those — with Mr. Wicked out of the White House, we’ll no longer deal with dog whistles.



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