Boom: Geraldo Bombs the Nightmares of #NeverTrumpers With His Proposed Name for the New Vaccine

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“Hey, have you gotten your Trump yet?” “Everybody needs a Trump.” “Thank God for The Trump.”

Those aren’t just words echoing in Jim Acosta’s dreams after an especially overdone Taco Tuesday. They may one day be the breeze being shot on the street — if Geraldo Rivera has his way.


During his guest appearance on Friday’s Fox & Friends, the topic of the President’s potential concession was bandied about.

But Geraldo turned the conversation toward victory — that of an upcoming vaccine for COVID-19.

#Resistors, put on your helmets; here’s a hail storm of icy rain from Rivera:

“With the world so divided, and everybody telling [Trump] he’s gotta give up, and time to leave, and time to transition and all the rest of it, why not name the vaccine ‘The Trump’?”

Can you imagine the #Resistance’s repulsed response? To an injection bearing the moniker of politics’ most maligned man?

It’d be like California’s version of the needling being named The Newsom — people would hate that prick.

Geraldo went on to play with the possibilities:

“Make it like, ‘Have you gotten your Trump yet?’ It would be a nice gesture to him.”


It sure would — and quite the gesture to those who’ve opposed him.

The idea isn’t wholly without precedent — Obamacare, anyone?

And the White House has been working to eviscerate the virus.

It’s not gotten overt applause from TV’s Leftward talking heads, but — as RedState’s Brandon Morse observed last month — no less than The New York Times has alluded to the administration’s achievement:

The New York Times may have just given President Donald Trump one of the greatest nods they’ve ever given him, even if they didn’t mean to.

The Democrats have been attempting to sell the idea that Trump failed the coronavirus response and that there are so many dead here in America because he failed to act in a timely manner. This is, of course, a whopping falsehood. When Trump was closing off countries from the United States in order to limit the spread, Democrats were calling him xenophobic for doing so. In fact, it was Democrats who were out in the streets telling everyone to come out and not be afraid of the virus at all.

Now, the New York Times released a report citing experts who have “genuine confidence” that the pandemic will be over far faster than many anticipated and that Trump’s plan to combat the virus called “Operation Warp Speed” is “working with remarkable efficiency.”


And Geraldo thinks it’s time The Donald gets his due:

“I wish we could honor him in that way, because he is definitely the prime architect in this Operation Warp Speed.”

If not for the Commander-in-Chief’s efforts, the reporting icon asserted, “We’d still be waiting into the grim winter for these amazing miracle medical breakthroughs.”

A naming may need to be occur soon — as noted by The Daily Caller, Pfizer announced Wednesday it hopes to obtain permission for emergency inoculation in the U.S.

But New Yorkers could soon be out of luck; back to Brandon from November 9th:

Cuomo has just openly confessed to standing in the way of the vaccine’s distribution because he doesn’t want it being handed out to people by a Trump administration.

I can only assume Andrew’s aversion would be worsened if the vaccine were to receive a Donaldish designation.

Perhaps Cuomo’s qualms are partly based in jealously.

If so, as of this week, maybe they’re no longer an issue.

After all, as pointed out by my colleague Mike Miller, the governor of New York now has his very own sticker:


Yep — there’s a turkey in the window.

And in the window of the future, if the world will only heed to Geraldo, there it is: American and the world being boosted — and triggered — by The Trump.



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