Beto: Trump Is Hitler

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What do you do when you’re a Democratic candidate at 1% and can’t seem to find any traction in your campaign?

You’ve tried pitching abortion to the moment of birth and “hell yeah, I’m coming for your guns.”


But that doesn’t do it for you because the liberal media is behind other candidates.

Where can you go when you’ve already gone so low?

Well, if you’re Beto O’Rourke, you go to the last resort, violate Godwin’s Rule and compare President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked if he stood by his earlier claim comparing Trump to the Nazis during an interview with Al Sharpton and O’Rourke doubled down.

O’Rourke let loose, repeating a string of debunked lies and blaming Trump for the El Paso mass shooting.

From Daily Caller:

“Find me a better analogy of another leader of a western democracy describing people of one religion as defective or dangerous and that is what the president did when it came to Muslims, seeking to ban them and repeating the lie that Mexican immigrants pose a violent risk to this country,” O’Rourke said.

But even Wolf wasn’t buying it. He asked if O’Rourke understood the criticism in making comparisons to the Nazis or Hitler. “Do you understand that at least most people say that is unacceptable?”

But O’Rourke justified it.

“It is the comparison of last resort. And that is where we are,” siad O’Rourke. “And I don’t mean the last resort politically or last resort in terms of defeating the president in November but the last resort for this country that is descending into an open racism and intolerance and violence led by the president.”


O’Rourke then repeated the lie that Trump said Neo-Nazis and Klansmen were “very fine people.”

So he’s comparing the president of the United States to a socialist dictator who put people in real concentration camps, killed millions and started World War II engulfing a good portion of the world?

Indeed, that is the comparison of the “last resort” and that’s where Beto is at. He’s so desperate at 1%, he’s played every card and he doesn’t know what else to do. Where does he go after this, too, fails him?

As with anyone who breaks Godwin’s Rule, it says a lot more about him, with the minimizing the Holocaust and the horrors of WWII by the comparison.

Not to mention that the “intolerance and open violence” seems a constant feature of the radical left as we’ve seen, as the mob who attacked Trump supporters outside his recent Minnesota rally demonstrated.

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