WATCH THE FIGHT - Geraldo Rages: During Storming of Border, CBP Should've Only Sent 'Ambassadors'



I LOVE a good Geraldo fight — whether it be 80’s Rivera getting hit with a chair on the set of his freak-show talkfest, his legendary spitty screaming match with Bill O’Reilly over illegal immigration, or this one, watching the mustached maniac go at it is awesome. Dude gets mad.


On Thursday night, Geraldo and conservative commentator Dan Bongino got together to yell at each other over the issue of the migrant caravan and proper handling by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Unsurprisingly, Geraldo sided with the caravan.

During a previous discussion on the Fox News program The Five, Rivera had lamented the employment of tear gas:

“This is something that goes to the very quickThis goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I wanna say I am ashamed. This tear gas choked me.”

At the beginning of the debate with Bongino, the former Secret Serviceman referenced those remarks:

“Geraldo, again, I appreciate your nice comments. I consider you a friend, too. But you are way, way off base on this. I’ve stood at roll calls, I was a law enforcement officer. I’m not looking for anybody’s pat on the back — your tax dollars paid for it, it was a great job. But I ask you the same question Sean asked you. You’re giving a lot of platitudes. Nobody wants to see anybody tear-gassed. You win, point stipulated. We both are empathetic to that. But that was not the choice of the border patrol officials. The choice was made by people who stormed the border illegally. I ask you a very simple question and I would sincerely appreciate an honest answer: You’re standing in the face of these border patrol agents patrolling our border, just doing their jobs to keep our nation secure. What do you tell them to do when a rock comes at their face? What? What is your answer? Nobody produces an answer?”


Geraldo got lit:

“This is what you do not do, Dan: You do not shoot tear gas at women with small children. You do not do that. You and Sean are both the grandsons or the great grandsons of immigrants. Italian immigrants, Irish immigrants, they were slandered just like you are slandering these people with these… ‘They have diseases.’ ‘They’re bringing disease.’ Read the newspapers from the middle of the nineteenth century. The Irish were bringing diseases. The Italian were diseases. This is a slander. These are innocent people seeking a better life. What you don’t do is you don’t put 6,000 GI’s with fixed bayonets at the border.”

“Nobody’s saying that,” Dan replied.

Bongino and host Sean Hannity injected, “What do you do?”

Geraldo’s answer was really something:

“Alright, here’s what you do: You send Spanish-speaking ambassadors to the crowd.”

Ambassadors? To a mob trying to rush the border?

“To take a rock in the face?” Dan asked, incredulous. “Are you serious?”

“You explain to them that they are not going to be able to rush the border. You explain to them the facts of life. You explain to them the reality of what is happening. This is a stain on the Trump presidency that will be very difficult to eradicate.”

Video showed people throwing rocks at the fence as Geraldo called them “a benign, suffering crowd.”


I can’t effectively transcribe everything here. WATCH the video of the dustup below, and leave your comments. It’s a great segment.

Also, as a FANTASTIC bonus, I’m providing Geraldo’s hilariously intense, finger-pointing fight with O’Reilly. PLEEEASE watch and enjoy.


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