Not Over 'Til It's Over: Geraldo Recounts His Call With 'Heavyweight Champion' Trump, Who's Still 'Looking for the Knockout'

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So how’s Donald Trump feeling about the election?

Geraldo Rivera provided some indication Friday, recalling a phone conversation he’d had with his friend.


As you know, talking heads have said the election’s over and done.

And as you know, it’s not.

The President’s soldiering on, and Geraldo posted to Twitter about his call with the Commander-in-Chief.

“Just had heartfelt phone call [with] friend @realDonaldTrump,” he tweeted.

As reported by Rivera, The Donald explained he’s a “realist.”

Of course he is — only a realist could turn a small fortune into a billion-dollar empire. You don’t triumph in business by ignoring the dictate “Live for the probable, be prepared for the possible.”

But that “possible” thing’s important, too. And Donald J. Trump is a believer in the possibilities.

Geraldo noted the Leader of the Free World said he’ll do “the right thing,” but:

“[He] wants to see ‘what states do in terms of certification (etc).'”

For those of you still rooting for the boxer in the red trunks, know that your man’s head is still in the game:

“He sounded committed to fighting for every vote…”


Personally, I’ve marveled at the guy’s resilience. Never before in contemporary American politics has someone been treated so colossally absurdly. From the moment he was considered a real contender, opposition to his policy positions were hard to find — they’d been replaced by persistent claims, it seemed, that he was an abyss-originating dragon raised up by Russia to fire-breathe into ashes everyone but straight white men.

It was an odd choice, and a silly one.

Things would’ve been much more interesting had there been actual discussion of what kinds of laws are best.

But we never got there.

On Friday, Geraldo indicated the President had lamented that very thing:

“@POTUS seemed particularly aggrieved by the savage attacks on his presidency from the minute he was elected.”

Nancy got a special shout-out:

“He reserved special scorn for the phony Russia hoax & Pelosi-driven phony #Impeachment. He asked me what I knew about #DominionVotingSystems which I promised to check out.”

Rivera’s no noted right-winger. But the man’s stood up for his long-time friend all along — to his own detriment.


My February headline said it all: “Everybody’s a Critic: Geraldo Says He’s Hated Most of All for His Half-Century Triggering Team-Up With Trump.”

As pointed out by The Daily Caller, on Wednesday, the man once known for breaking his nose during an angry talk show battle royal gave Mr. Trump mad props:

“Dear @realDonaldTrump, my honored friend — you fought an incredible battle vs all odds and the curse of insidious disease. You battled the back stabbers & our enemies & remade the world in peace & prosperity.”

That post wasn’t especially optimistic in its end, but Friday, Geraldo championed the man who still may be the…champion:

“He seemed like a heavyweight champion who is behind in points leading into the final round, but determined to fight on, knowing all the refs have scored the fight for the other guy. Still, he’s going to answer the final bell, looking for the knockout he knows is a longshot.”


Don’t count him out — as observed by RedState’s T.LaDuke, “If Anyone Can Win This Monumental Election Challenge, It’s Donald Trump.”

Back to Geraldo’s previous talk show shenanigans — complete with a thrown chair to the face — the legendary news man is a fighter himself. And he knows one when he sees one.

And America’s man presently in the White House will fight — in this challenge, and beyond.



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