Brexit Bomber Sinks Biden's Battleship Over 'Democracy' Comment

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A Brexit man sunk Biden’s battleship Monday over a comment of aircraft carrier-sized silliness the candidate made on Twitter.

There was a time when politics was a serious debate of policy and what’s most effectively implemented for the greatest good of life and liberty.


The best I can tell, we’re past that. This is the era of the tweet, wherein much of America’s back-and-forth consists of low-letter-count insults and sweeping generalizations pitched at fever-level as we overdose on every moment registering an 11 out of 10.

And amid a pile of pithy protest, it seems the outcry of choice where Donald Trump is concerned is his “threat to democracy.”

Of course, democracy is a system in which leaders are elected (directly or indirectly) by the citizenry. But I suppose it sounds scary to constantly assert a one- or two-term president has the power to alter the most basic component of America’s existence.

No matter, color yourself relieved: Blue Joe Biden will save the nation from utter destruction courtesy of one red-tied man with no ability to accomplish it.

In fact, as per Joe, rescue is mere days away:

“In 8 days, we’re going to take our democracy back.”

Oh, wait — take it “back”…that means Trump already did it.

It appears a weak theft if it can be undone — if the stealing of the ability to elect leaders can be reversed — by a leader being elected, which is still happening despite the fact that it’s been evidently disallowed.


But let’s move on.

Team Biden’s post caught the eye of Nigel Farage, the leader of Great Britain’s Brexit Party.

And like the old men in the Muppets’ balcony, Nigel took his turn at Twitter and delivered a doozy of a dropped bomb onto Biden.

Put on your eye protection, folks:

“And then sell it to China?”




As you well know, Joe’s in the midst of a Hunter-tinged Chinese email item hitting headlines as of late.

On the 16th, RedState’s Bonchie wrote thusly:

It is clear that there was a long history of Hunter Biden using his father’s influence to make money overseas via some very shady dealings. This is the real issue for Joe Biden. While the Ukraine stuff with Burisma was bad enough, the dealings with China are much more dangerous. They continue a pattern of Joe Biden and his family being completely subservient to the CCP. There had to be a reason why the former VP has so often shilled for the Chinese communists over his career.

And about about predictions of collapse, Nigel knows a thing or two. The Daily Wire notes he spoke at a Trump rally in Jackson, Mississippi four years ago and offered the following:


If the little people, if the real people, if the ordinary decent people are prepared to stand up and fight for what they believe in we can overcome the big banks, we can overcome the multinationals, and we did it! We made June the 23rd our Independence Day when we smashed the establishment.”

And we did it; everybody said we’d lose; and what did we see? We saw experts from all over the world. We saw the International Monetary Fund; we saw Moody’s; we saw Standard and Poor’s; we saw global leaders giving us project fear, telling us that if we voted not to be run by a bunch of unelected, old men in Brussels; yeah, well, it’s okay; they don’t like me either, so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

But they told us our economy would fall off a cliff. They told us there’d be mass unemployment; they told us investment would leave our country, and David Cameron, then our prime minister, but no longer, told us we might even get World War III.

Back to Trump, I’m reminded of someone recently claiming his presidency had been worse than the Left could’ve possibly imagined. They must’ve forgotten their imagination.

As for Joe Biden saving democracy, if he wins, he’ll no doubt champion the rescue.

And if not, the same will be said four years from now, by and about somebody else.


Thank goodness the Big “D” can’t be stolen so simply as someone other than a Democrat being elected.

In the meantime, enjoy the ever-ramping claims we’ll be hearing for the next several days.

And beyond.



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