MSNBC: 'Trump Would Kill Reporters if He Could'

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Have you heard that the President of the United States wants to kill people?

Of course you have — you’ve been hearing it for years.

Since the advent of Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, America’s been fed a steady diet of stunning accusations — each seemingly more sizable than the last.


And on Monday, allegations of murderous will continued.

MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough’s long been a heavy critic of the Leader of the Free World, and he was none too impressed with the man’s management of a 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl.

Here’s a recap of the row from USA Today:

President Donald Trump released 38 minutes of his contentious 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl on his Facebook page Thursday, calling it “fake and biased.” The news program aired its interview Sunday night, delving into the question of why Trump abruptly cut off the White House interview.

Stahl seemed surprised when the visibly vexed Trump did not return for a planned second portion of the sit-down interview, a 60 Minutes tradition with major party presidential and vice presidential candidates, prior to the Nov. 3 election.

Call it a less-than-successful foray:


For Trump’s handling of the situation, Scarborough gave a low grade.

He compared the Commander-in-Chief to a certain Russian Big Cheese:

“It’s really fascinating at this point to look how much Donald Trump resembles an autocratic leader from Eastern Europe, whether it’s Belarus or whether it’s Russia. Actually, though he kills journalists, Vladimir Putin on camera actually seems a little more willing to answer tough questions when they’re asked of him.”

But mourning Joe wanted to make sure it’s understood — the eccentric New York billionaire possesses, “of course,” a baking bloodlust:

“Donald Trump can’t even handle that. Of course, Donald Trump would kill reporters if he could get away with it.”


What’s more: Some of you know of his murderous makeup, and you don’t give a rip:

“I think even his strongest supporters would admit Trump would do whatever he could get away with.”

So goes it with unconstitutional tyrants:

“It’s unfortunate for him that he actually is in charge of the executive branch in a country with a constitution that was written by James Madison and others who actually foresaw the rise of tyrants, and figured out a pretty damn good effective way to hold them at bay.”

Joe’s certainly not alone in his figuring of the facts — according to a crew of televised and online analysts, it’s an absolute truth that America elected the Ambassador of Evil.

And that’s strange — for literally decades, he was a beloved eccentric Democrat:

But the moment that “R” appeared…


Lookout, Jack!

Hence, my 2018 article:

‘New York Times’ ‘Reporter’ on MSNBC: Donald Trump Wants to Round Up People and Murder Them

And from April:

An MSNBC Contributor Claims Trump’s ‘Crime Cult’ Wants to Commit Mass Murder

So what will occur when Trump leaves office — whether now or after four more years?


If he’s as evil as has been said, it seems to me, he’s actually far more dangerous as head of a large corporation. The government — despite the way it’s frequently framed — is hindered by checks and balances.

In business, by contrast, The Donald’s a king.

In fact, critics should be glad the position of POTUS has momentarily snared the Beast.

A month from now — or 49 — Van Helsing, get ready–

Dracula will be on the move.

Or maybe a better monster reference is Jaws — and a number of naysayers have jumped the shark.



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