Derangement Be Thy Name: An MSNBC Contributor Claims Trump's 'Crime Cult' Wants to Commit Mass Murder

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald J. Trump participates in a video teleconference with governors to discuss a partnership to prepare, mitigate, and respond to the coronavirus outbreak Thursday, March 19, 2020, at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)



Since the election of Donald Trump, America’s been treated to people on TV saying things so absurd that I can’t believe what I’ve seen and heard.

And I don’t expect it’ll be stopping any time soon.

It was certainly in full force Monday, courtesy of an MSNBC contributor.

Prompted by a tweet alleging the President has used coronavirus controversy over hydroxychloroquine as some sort of cover-up, author Sarah Kendzior really went full, well, fill in the blank as you see fit.

She claimed…here it goes…that the “Trump crime cult wanted people to die, and they want many more people to die.”

The original post went as follows:

“I wonder if the whole hydroxychloroquine dust-up isn’t another red herring. Trump is a master at manipulating the direction of the conversation. Every time he wants to cover something up, he draws attention to something else. He is pulling a LOT of attention to a generic drug.”


Sarah — who, as noted by Mediaite, has appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy multiple times — responded thusly:

“Trump’s trying to convince people that he wants it cured and that, should a cure appear, it would be accessible to all. So the media focus on the proposed drug instead of the cold reality — which is that the Trump crime cult wanted people to die, and they want many more to die.”

As I’ve written before, I’m surprised by the willingness of some to make stunningly radical statements about Trump’s (or anyone’s) secret thoughts and hidden motives.

With all due respect, why would one be so sure about somebody they do not know? About things they have not said?

Moving on, Sarah elaborated:

“They usually have two goals:

1) Short term scam profits
2) Longer term disaster capitalist destruction.

Basically, they’ll make a little money on the side while committing mass murder.”



Not all on Twitter were convinced:

One user even provided a chart of sorts:

Sarah’s not alone in her perspective among those who’ve been on camera post-2016.

Cases in point:

“‘New York Times’ ‘Reporter’ on MSNBC: Donald Trump Wants to Round Up People and Murder Them”

How’s this for reasonable:

“In Light of Kavanaugh, Nut on MSNBC Predicts a Possible ‘Thousand-Year Reich’”


“The 10 Stages of Genocide: A Social Media Marvel Provides a Window into America’s Growing Mental Disorder”

It seems to me that, so long as our talking heads are ensconced in such silliness, very little productive national conversation can be had.

And why should it? There’s no time.

Lest you forget, we’ve got a murderous hate cult to fight.



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