More Sense, Less Insanity: Ice Cube Avoids Typecasting, Gives Great Advice for Life After the Election

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On Sunday, rapper/actor Ice Cube — AKA O’Shea Jackson — further chipped away at the Democrats’ presumed or perceived pocketing of the black vote.


Appearing on Fox News, the entertainer defended his work with the Trump administration on the “Platinum Plan” for black Americans.

He explained to Chris Wallace, “I’m not playing politics with this.”

And he really wasn’t — he sent both the Trump and Biden camps his summer-written Contract with Black America aimed at closing the opportunity gap.

Joe’s response: We’ll talk after the election.

Trump: Let’s talk.

So they did — because Cube isn’t playing politics; he’s playing to succeed.

Hence, Donald Trump, Ice Cube, and Jared Kushner met for three hours.

Some of the Ride Along star’s plan was implemented within the President’s Platinum plan, and — as host Chris put it — “Two weeks ago, Cube praised [the administration’s plan] to invest $500 million in black communities.”

O’Shea shared how they shot the — I mean, how they conversed:

“They listened, heard what I had to say. And bumped up their plan and presented it to the people on, I believe, September 24th.”


The Commander-in-Chief’s senior advisor Katrina Pierson — whose father is black — hailed the coolness of Cube:

But online, some maintained he’d melted:

Brace yourself bigly:

One follower accused Mr. Jackson of working with the “dark side.” He responded thusly:

“Every side is the Darkside for us here in America. They’re all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all cheat but we can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bipartisan.”


When looking at someone who leaves a superstar rap group over a contract dispute in order to make his own way into an uncertain solo career, veers from a hardcore image and the music industry to write a comedy film in which he’ll star, founds his own movie production company, and establishes and promotes to great success a basketball league for retired stars…you should expect one thing above most: for him to think for himself and be his own man.

So is black American O’Shea planning to punch 2020’s Democrat ticket?

He told Chris he hasn’t made up his mind.

But no matter who’s elected, he’ll continue to try and help make change:

“[F]ind pressure points. That’s the only way you can push.”

More than that, the entertainer offered fantastic advice for all, no matter the dreaded or delightful state of things on November 4th.

Someone pass this on — to everyone who’d otherwise be shrieking in the streets as we saw four years ago:

“You know, my daddy told me (a) long time ago: No matter who’s the president, you gotta get up and go to work in the morning. And I always remember that. So no matter who’s the president, I’m gonna get up and go to work in the morning.”

And that is why he succeeds.

And, mostly, why all successful people do.

O’Shea Jackson’s mother was a hospital clerk. His father was a groundskeeper at UCLA. The man made it from those humble beginnings to bending the ear of the Leader of the Free World.


Upon leaving his three-hour sit-down with the President, more than anything else, I hope this is what went through his mind:



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