Call It Over: Geraldo Takes to Twitter and Nails the Hammering of Trump



I’ve loved Geraldo ever since he got his nose broken.

Any host who joins the on-air brawl himself and gets jacked in the face with a chair is alright by me.


And now the news man believes Trump’s taken the Dems’ chair of impeachment to his billionaire beak and walked away unscathed.

Fight’s over.

Democrats lost.

To Rivera, the whole hubbub is “all over but the shouting.”

Nicely phrased.

On Sunday, he called it:

“Gloom settling on Democrats as they realize they’ve taken their best kill shot & missed. Dems in despair. Republicans United. @realDonaldTrump survives & #Impeachment all over but the shouting.”

The Mustached Man’s been less than psyched about the process all along.

Back in October, he roped in “BS” — and I don’t mean Bernie Sanders:


And there was this:

Rivera topped it off Saturday with talk of hunting witches and winking hoods.

Plus a heap of shame:

Geraldo was right Friday; but his tweet would’ve been just as applicable before the entire spectacle began.

This whole impeachment thing is a great example of the worst politics has to offer.

It’s been disingenuous, partisan, a waste of taxpayers’ money, and an impediment to getting important things done.

At the same time, in that regard — despite the pomp and circumstance — it’s sort of been just another day in Washington.


Still, they could’ve done it without spending so much cash and looking like such goobers.

Let’s check out a replay of the last few weeks’ events:



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