New Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans - Across Many Demographics - Believe Dems Are More Interested in Impeachment Than Legislation



Are congressional Democrats into passing laws anymore? It doesn’t seem like it, and a new survey indicates I’m not the only one with that impression.


Don’t get me wrong — in general, personally, I’d be more excited about Congress repealing laws than coming up with new ones.

But whether they’re adding or taking away, they’ve got stuff to fix.

Yet, on the blue side of the aisle, the only thing they appear to wanna fix is that most dastardly of all cataclysmic events, the 2016 election.

And as for that job, they’re doing their darnedest.

However, on account of a Republican majority in the Senate, even that work will prove fruitless, aside from perhaps galvanizing the GOP base.

Are most people cool with it? I’m not sure, but a Zogby Analytics poll indicates they know what’s what: Taken Wednesday — just before the impeachment vote in the House — the study revealed that 67% of voters “believe the Democrats are more interested in impeaching the president as opposed to passing legislation.”


Now how about this: 53% of Democrats feel the same.

Speaking to The Washington Examiner, Jonathan Zogby noted the marvel of it all:

“This feeling of politics first permeated a majority of every subgroup: All felt that Democrats in Congress were more concerned with impeaching the President rather than passing legislation that helps Americans.”

Dang right!

Here’s a subgroup breakdown…what percentage thought it’s all baloney? This many:

Men: 69%
Women: 65%
Voters Aged 18-29: 54%
Hispanic Voters: 56%
Black Voters 61%
Independents: 67%
Suburban voters: 67%

Pretty heavy.


As pointed out by The Daily Wire, of the legislation that has passed in the House, a lot won’t make it past the goalie:

Although Democrats brag about all the bills they have passed, a great number of those bills have leftist goals that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is determined to block. He said last April of the GOP controlling the Senate after the 2020 elections, “If I’m still the majority leader in the Senate think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that stuff is going to pass.”

Furthermore, a recent Gallup poll indicates a majority of Americans (51%) give the whole impeachment scene the thumbs down.

And Trump’s approval continues to rise (see more here).

For all their talk against guns, the Democrats sure seemed psyched to shoot — themselves in the foot.



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