In the UK, Rapists are Now Allowed to Identify as Women - for the Purpose of Lawmaking Crime Statistics



If you’re a convicted rapist in particularly woke areas of the UK, you’ve got options.

That would be, you can choose Coke or Pepsi: Are you a guy or a girl?


The North Wales Police Department allows rapists to select whether they’ll be recorded as men or women.

So which is it: Are you a man who committed sexual assault with his penis, or are you a woman who committed sexual assault with hers?

The multiple-choice provision was recently discovered by a group called Fair Play for Women, who accessed the info via Parliament’s 2000 Freedom of Information Act.

Perhaps the most notable part of this — other than you learning to be on the lookout for women with sinister penises (and, granted, that’s no small revelation) — is that the preferred gender of the convicts is recorded in the official Home Office crime statistics.

The result, of course — should a number of dudes take the opportunity to be chicks — will be a graphed skyrocketing of female sex criminals in the UK.

Even though the country defines “rape” as penetration by a penis.

In short, Fair Play for Women doesn’t think the open-mindedness of North Wales is fair play.

Speaking to North Wales News, the group’s Nicola Williams explained:

“It is offensive for a victim of rape to have their attacker registered…as a woman when clearly that person is male and has a penis and that penis was used to rape a woman.”

She also made a great point about the point of crime statistics about where people point their points:

“If we start recording male sex crimes as if they were committed by women and it skews the statistics, then in a year’s time people will be asking, ‘Why has female sex crime gone through the roof?'”


And that’s important because of this:

“National crime statistics are what policy makers use to develop policy.”

Dr. Nicola asserted that even a small number of guys claiming to be gals would significantly skew the stats.

But don’t get the good doctor wrong — she’s fine with registering people’s preferred identity; she just believes their sex should be recorded, too.

And lest you think North Wales is going out on a limb, according to FPFW, five other police departments — including those in Dyfed Powys, Thames Valley, and South Yorkshire — subscribe to the female rapist idea.

Still, North Wales Detective Superintendent Gareth Evans insists it’s all about the victims:

“While recognising the rights of suspects and offenders in rape investigations, we remain victim-focused in all that we do.”

They’re just trying to keep up with evolution, via the tried-and-true guide of expertise:

“The issue of gender has been evolving rapidly over the past few years and North Wales Police evolves to reflect best practise in line with national expertise and engagement with our communities.”

And they’d never let any policy hurt victims:

“If evidence was presented that any of our procedures were harmful to victims, we would naturally consider this through national and local scrutiny procedures and adapt to any changed guidance in this area.”

But the preferred identity is what’s logged into the UK’s Home Office “Annual Data Requirements” crime registry.


When a person refuses to choose between male and female, their gender is recorded as indeterminate.

So in the UK over the next five years, we could see a surge of violent offenders wreaking havoc with their penises, but there’ll be no way to find out whether they were men or women.

Crimefighting sure has come a long way since Joe Friday coached, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Now it’s “Whatever you’d like to say, xer.”

And that’s called “gathering data to infirm policy.” I mean, inform.



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