Abby Huntsman on 'The View': Trump and Crew's 'Campaign of Confusion' Will Sucker the Careless Dolts Who Support Him

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[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


How might that hideous monstrosity, The Donald, get re-elected?

The View’s Abby Huntsman may be on to the scent of just such a way of wizardry: confusion.


On the show Monday, the talkfesters discussed the emergence of a second whistleblower amid the hubbub of Trump’s alleged extortion via Alexander Graham Bell.

Co-host Sunny Hostin asserted the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the Biden family was likely heard firsthand by whistler #2:

“[The second whistle-blower is very important because that person apparently has firsthand knowledge of the phone call so, that implies that that person was on the call.”

Are people going to care? Abby — who’s from Philadelphia — realizes a Big Apple TV studio ain’t America:

“But here’s what I would say, and I was talking to friends at home, and I realize the way we talk about it in these studios in New York City is oftentimes different than how people are feeling about it. And I’m now convinced he’s probably going to win re-election. I do.”

Luckily for the President, I guess, people are dumb:

“I think that what they’re doing right now is a campaign of confusion which, frankly, they’re very good at doing. I think they are very clever because there’s no way to dig out of this hole. And they know that, so what they’re saying is ‘Let’s try and confuse the American people.’”

And everybody knows how Trump supporters are — they’re knee-jerking to their hatred of them-there medias:


“They will always have, they will always have a forty percent support base. People that can’t stand the media, that can’t stand the liberals, and so if they go out there and the Trump loyals say, ‘Look, this was a joke all along. It was actually Ukraine that interfered in the elections,’ people are going to believe what they want to hear. People will believe what they want to hear.”

Joy Behar added, “They don’t care.”

That’s the reality, Abby noted:

“Look, I find this, I find this serious, but I also think we need to live in reality and where we are, and there are some people that will let this slide.”

Plus, Trump’s super good at sociopathically trickin’ those dipsticks. Joy said it:

“It’s very easy to muddy the waters and obfuscate when you are shameless and a liar.”

For at least some in Congress supporting the President, it’s all about dishonesty and cowardice:

“They’re shameless, and they’re lying. Just watch (Ohio Rep.) Jim Jordan, watch (Wisconsin Sen.) Ron Johnson. These people are shameless. They’re cowards.”

People certainly are confused. Trump isn’t even American, for Pete’s sake:

“They’re sticking behind somebody that they know is unpatriotic, that is not American, and they’re doing it anyway.


So watch out, y’all dummies — the Commander-in-Chief’s idiotic appeal is coming to an empty skull near — or inside — you:

“So go ahead, keep lying and muddy the waters, and see how dumb Americans are. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

Now that you’ve been tipped off, maybe you can avoid being suckered.

So lay back, relax, and smartly welcome President Elizabeth Warren.



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