The View's Sunny Hostin Confounds the Conscious and Coherent: 'Impeachment...Will Unify the Country'

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]
[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


There’s nothing like a giant, ridiculous fight to bring people together.


Actually, I believe that can be true sometimes, in relationships.

I don’t reckon it works that way in Washington.

But Sunny Hostin does — she said as much Wednesday.

The View segment began with discussion about the released transcript of Trump’s conversation with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Hoopla over that long-distance lighting rod’s led to Nancy Pelosi announcing the House will make a move for impeachment.

Aye aye aye, here we go.

As I covered Tuesday, Meghan McCain thinks it’s a very bad strategy for Democrats.

She reiterated:

“The political implications are staggering. In swing states impeachment polls horribly. There’s voters — Democrats, Republicans and independents — that don’t want to go through this process. I said this clumsily before. If Democrats take this aim, you can’t miss.”

Interestingly — and, in my opinion, impressively — Meghan observed that keeping the story at the forefront is actually pushing Biden back and giving Elizabeth a shot for the nomination.

She’s got a very good point — I wrote previously that Warren’s two points ahead of Joe in a recent poll; and, in my estimation, there’s no way she can hang with Trump in a debate. He’ll grate her like cheese.


“Do you know who is having the best day today?. Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden is involved in this. His son is involved with this. President Trump is involved. Her poll numbers are rising. She’s first in New Hampshire. This is the best political day for her.”


Co-host Joy expressed Watergate-inspired hope:

“During Watergate, the country was not on board for impeachment, either. It took a long time before…I recall watching. Every day it was on television. It was right there for everybody to see all the crimes that Nixon committed.”

Behar believes middle America just doesn’t understand how terrible Trump is:

“I don’t think people are watching this the way news people do. The average person in Kansas and Iowa they’re busy with their lives. Watch it every day. See what he did. Then come to your conclusion about whether he’s destroying the country.”

But, as Meghan noted, a big majority of Americans don’t want impeachment:

“69% is a staggering number.”

So far, the lunge for more presidential prosecution only seems to have bolstered Trump, as pointed out by Abby Huntsman:

“Also, to that point, when Nancy came out yesterday, within 15 minutes $250,000 was given to the Trump campaign.”

“It was $1 million all day yesterday,” Meghan added.

Back to Abby:

“If you think this country is divided right now, if you think politically we’re in a bad place, wait until we get to impeachment.”

But then, a whole different kind of perspective landed.

Like a Vietnam chopper, it descended…

Dust blew. The rails neared the ground.

Get ready for touchdown.

Here it goes…deploy the completely inexplicable.


Say it, Sunny:

“I think impeachment hearings will unify the country.”

I can think of only one appropriate response:




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