Cabin Fever: Some Log Cabin Republicans Jet from the Group Over Its Official Endorsement of Trump



A long time ago, human beings were just runnin’ around, nekkid in the woods.

Then someone had a bright idea: Let’s join together for a common good. And government was born.


Fast forward to 2018, as Florida eyed outlawing petting your dog while driving (here).

Something went very, very wrong.

What should be the point of government? In the national debate, it seems to me, things that ought to be least important — or, in some cases, wholly outside the purview — are often the focus.

Log Cabin Republicans appear intent upon majoring in the majors. Hence, its endorsement of Trump.

The organization’s chairman, Robert Kabel, and vice chair, Jill Homan, made the August 15th announcement via The Washington Post.

They did, in fact, tout The Donald’s “removing gay rights as a wedge issue from the old Republican playbook” and “taking bold actions that benefit the LGBTQ community.” But more importantly — to my way of thinking — they noted a concentration on the biggies:

While we do not agree with every policy or platform position presented by the White House or the Republican Party. We share a commitment to individual responsibility, personal freedom and a strong national defense.

Nicely done. Those three, in my view, fit into sensible governmental function.

Nonetheless, some Log Cabiners weren’t happy.

As noted by Yahoo News, Trump’s disappointed a portion in the area of gay rights:


The board decided not to wait until the 2020 convention when it realized it had the votes, because some members were angry about passing on a Trump endorsement in 2016. Since taking office, Trump and his administration have effectively rolled back rights for the LGBT community, reinstating a ban on transgender troops from serving in the U.S. military; reversing departmental protections against discrimination against transgender people; banning the flying of pride flags at U.S. embassies; and siding with a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

In August, the Department of Labor promulgated a draft rule that would allow government contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees on religious grounds.

A few days after the Washington Post declaration, borard member Jennifer Horn — a former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party — exited the Cabin.

To Jennifer, it’s about common decency:

“There is no world where I can sit down at the dining room table and explain to my children that I just endorsed Donald Trump for president. It is contrary to everything that I have ever taught them about what it means to be a good, decent, principled member of society.”


Additionally, former president of the group’s D.C. chapter, Robert Turner, bowed out.

He posted an explanation of his departure on the 15th:

“It saddens me greatly to say that today, I am ending my association with Log Cabin Republicans, an organization I’ve been heavily involved with for the last decade. But for me, there’s no more fight left. The national board’s endorsement of Trump, and their subsequent and hollow WaPo op-ed, is a step too far. And this leaves me sad.”

And now, as reported by “LGBT News Source” the Washington Blade, Executive Director Jerri Ann Henry has stepped down from her LCR post. She made it official last Friday due to “discontent with Trump and dissatisfaction with Log Cabin’s approach to defending its Trump endorsement in the media.”

Jerri was the first woman to ever serve in the role.

Well, Trump’s happy to have whoever’s left. After the endorsement rang out two weeks ago, he expressed his gratitude:

“[I’m] very honored to receive it. … Some of my biggest supporters are of that community. And I think they — and I talk to them a lot about it — I think I’ve done really very well with that community.”




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