Environmental Evangelist Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Attacked by a Woke Warrior for Not Being Sexist Enough



If you’re all about global warming and want to save the world, go live naked in the woods.

That’s the best thing you could do. If you were to, let’s say…make a movie instead, you’d be worsening the situation.


Movie marketing and production = Trucks, manufacturing, and air travel. Film success = Millions of people driving in their cars to business-generating theaters.

Riches due to film success = Purchases and travel.

Naked in the woods = You’re GOLDEN.

Still, despite his lack of subscription to my above ideas, actor Leonardo DiCaprio does in fact champion efforts to fight climate change. He’s a voice on the side of environmentalism.

That would seem enough to make him a hero among Democrats.

Personally, I really like the guy.

But these days, not so fast, Mister. Sure — he’s friends with Al Gore…but honestly, how utterly woke is he?

Not enough for The Guardian film critic Guy Loge — at least in the way of judging artists according to their sex rather than their skillset.

Guy ripped Leo on Twitter in response to The Hollywood Reporter’s praise of America’s “last movie star”:

“This is all well and good, and some fine work has come out of it, but I wouldn’t call his choices adventurous either: huge studio prestige productions with established male directors. He hasn’t acted in a film with a female director since 1995, which I don’t think is an insignificant fact.”


So there ya go: Leo has a responsibility to be sexist.

At least one user agreed:

But there was also this:

One tweeter pointed out — quite convincingly, I believe — that Leo is indeed adventurous:

Back to Guy’s post, what is happening to our world? As I wrote previously, feminism has, in some circles, become chauvinism: It’s now judging women according to their abilities to be and do as men (here).

Similarly, presuming Guy is correct, if a man doesn’t judge women by what’s between their legs, they’re sexist.


We’re living in weird times, folks.



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