Hollywood Reacts to the Mueller Hearings, and it Doesn't Go the Way You Might Expect



For many, many months, I wrote articles suggesting that the Mueller probe would never end — that thousands of years from now, there would be nothing left but cockroaches, the Rolling Stones, and the Mueller investigation.


But in March, I got the shock of a lifetime. To quote John Wayne, I’ll be a suck-egg mule — it was over.

I offered:

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, It’s Over! White House Responds To Release Of The Mueller Report

As it turned out, however, it was #FakeNews.

It continues. And continues. And continues.

The Left can’t let it go.

Somehow, they’re going to determine that the Trump presidency is invalid.

On Wednesday, Mueller appeared at two congressional hearings to discuss something you may never have heard of: his investigation into Trump/Russian collusion related to the 2016 election.


So what were the thoughts of those in Trump-taunted Tinseltown? Let’s take a look-see.

As it turns out, Who’s the Boss actress Alyssa Milano has an interest in the goings-on of American politics.

Who knew?

She seemed to suggest Trump should’ve been indicted (OLC = Office of Legal Counsel):

Outspoken anti-Trumper John Cusack (who starred in Identity, which I recommend) eschewed yesterday’s collusion for the trendier obstruction:


SNL alumnus and frequent Adam Sandler actress Rachel Dratch appeared to approach the Mueller hearings with a bit of dread:

Cheaper By the Dozen’s Piper Perabo used the opportunity to inform:

Thanks, Piper.

Maria Shriver defended the DOJ special counsel:

Ron Howard’s post particularly impressed me. How about you?


Yvette Nicole Brown of Community gave Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert a bit of “In your face!”

James Van Der Beek impressed me, too. I agree, with regard to both sides of the aisle:

Rosemary’s Baby star Mia Farrow attacked The Donald. Obstruction! She also appears to have the inside track on exactly what happened. She even kept count:

So there’s a roundup. Not half bad.

And not half radical — maybe some in Hollywood are over Mueller mania, too.

What are your thoughts — on the tweets, but also the hearings? Let us all know in the Comments section.




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