In an Effort to Force Congress to Save the Earth, Radicals Superglue Themselves to Walls in Washington. Yeah -- That'll Do It

Sometimes, “activism” is just a way for people to say to the world, “We’re a bunch of nuts.”


NUT: Left-Winger Fights Brexit By Stripping Naked On Live TV & Challenging Politician To Nude Debate


How To Save The Planet: During Brexit Debate, Climate Activists Glue Themselves To Parliament. Naked.

In my opinion, participants in showcases such as the above only hurt their cause — folks aren’t positively impressed with wild acts of craziness.

But a group that visited the U.S. Capitol Tuesday clearly disagrees.

Radical organization Extinction Rebellion wanted to protest Congress’s neglect to formally declare a planetary emergency over climate issues.

They believe the U.S. is in great need of a “national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization of the resources and labor,” as stated by recently failed legislation. It would seem the world’s being oppressed by goons who don’t realize we’re about to all cease to exist.

Therefore, in order to raise awareness and fight the power (company), dissidents used Gorilla Glue to adhere their hands to the walls inside tunnels connecting House office buildings to the Capitol.

Yeah. That’ll get everybody joinin’ ya.

Point well made.

The resolution at the center of GlueFest ’19 was sponsored by your rich Uncle Bernie as well as that legendary fighter of farts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (here and here). It was introduced in July but tanked in both chambers.

Extinction Rebellion demands otherwise.

Spokeswoman Kaela Bamberger explained to The Washington Post:

“What we wanted to do was disrupt business as usual in the lives of the congresspeople as they headed to the Capitol for votes at 6:30. We were prepared with [an acetone solution to dissolve the glue] if the police had started forcing them off.”


So they hoped for a tiny group to wrestle Congress into doing their bidding? Isn’t that at odds with the general idea of American government?

A video reveals that the gang hoped for national law to be thrust upon hundreds of millions of people due to a blocked doorway:

“We’re blocking this doorway because Congress isn’t taking the climate crisis seriously.”

Their human chain didn’t turn out to be very effective.

As per The Daily Wire:

Although the protestors instructed passersby to go outside and around the building if they wanted to get to the other side of the human chain, many individuals ducked under their glued limbs in order to get through the doorway.

One protestor announced:

“If you respect the climate emergency, you will go around.”

Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden spoke to TDW about the world-changers:

“It was silly, it was borderline comical. … [I went] between a gentleman’s hand and foot and said ‘Excuse me’ both times… In the future, I would have just let them remain self-glued to the walls when everyone goes home for the night. See who has the stamina to stick with it.”

Maybe they could’ve saved Earth if they’d gone the naked route. The men could’ve glued something other than their hands to the insides of the tunnels.

That would’ve proved their commitment — when it comes to rescuing humanity, their heroism is balls-to-the-wall.


And actually, I think I just solved Jessica Yaniv’s problem — DIY (Dongally Injure Yourself).



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