Fed Up with Officials' Failure to Address the Homeless Crisis, Some LA Businesses Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands



As I’ve covered previously, Los Angeles has a big problem with homelessness.

Eric Garcetti’s idea of a solution: Apparently, nothing that works (here and here).


The police chief’s idea of a solution: Forgiving their warrants (here). I’m not joking.

And business owners are fed up with the substitution for solutions that work of ones that are stupid.

Therefore, they’re taking matters into their own hands.

As reported by the L.A. Times, there are currently about 60,000 people living on the streets of LA county — and the group fattened their numbers within the city limits to the tune of 16 percent over the past year.

That presents a problem: As it turns out, a buncha stinky people sleeping around a doorway doesn’t always encourage business.

Such is the case with the Hungarian Cultural Alliance — a business owned by Peter Mozgo and his wife, attorney Maria Janossy.

The couple told Fox & Friends that, in order to force the folks to find a cozy cement bed elsewhere, they anchored around 140 lager planters around their establishment.

Maria explained:

“A lot of our Hungarian expats were afraid to even drive into the streets. We decided after knocking on so many doors to try to get this resolved with the city, that we would just take matters into our hands.”

Peter noted other businesses doing the same, as the citizenry attempts to fight what the government is supposed to prevent.


Maria doesn’t understand why city officials are tolerating the problem. She and Peter are immigrants; isn’t America supposed to be freakin’ rich?

“[We] don’t understand how a rich country like the U.S., and especially California, cannot take care of this problem.”

And Peter thinks Eric is full of it:

“You see the street is getting more and more trash. I always hear from Eric Garcetti ‘we’re gonna take care of it, we’re going to remove the trash and keep our city clean.’ But not very much is happening, there is no improvement.”

Moreover, he pointed out that the city doesn’t enforce laws that require tents to be taken down each morning.

Peter and Maria aren’t alone in their frustration — a petition’s been started to recall Garcetti (here and here).

But the Hungarian pair had better watch out for the woke: A San Fran restaurant recently placed a rock outside their joint. Pro-homeless activists accused them of taking away a bed (here).

Yes, this is where we are.

And it’s a severely goofy place to be.



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