Trump Releases an Absolutely Epic Trolling Video. Brace for Internet Explosion

Trump Releases an Absolutely Epic Trolling Video. Brace for Internet Explosion



On Friday, President Trump released a hilarious video proclaiming himself president forever.

That would be “4EVA.”

It’s called…what’s that word I learned last year? Oh, yeah: trolling.

And man, you know it’s gonna burn some people up.

Surely many won’t get the joke.

The video showcases a cover from (doubtlessly) Trump’s favorite magazine — Time — touting the billionaire’s presidency in 2028, 2044…foreva and eva! For thousands of years!

He’s the perpetual president — as they’ve all feared he’d be!

Take a look:


Ahhh, I’m laughing myself right now.

As pointed out by The Daily Wire, the clip may be in response to a Politico story of supreme goofiness:

But it doesn’t have to be: Nuts have been cautioning us about an eternal Trump presidency from the beginning (check out this craziness). Even nuts in Congress.

Here are some of the online responses.


Of course, some people loved it:

What do you think of the video and its impact? Let us all know in the Comments section.



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