Gucci Celebrates 2020 with an Odd Theme for its Paris Fashion Show: Abortion & Abortion Rights

[Screenshot from GUCCI,]
[Screenshot from GUCCI,]


Wanna be on the cutting edge of fashion? Sorry, butcha just missed your opportunity. You shoulda hit the Gucci Cruise 2020 show this week in Rome. The rockin’ runway revue went with a curious theme this year: abortion and abortion rights.


One noteworthy piece in the collection: a jacket graced with a pro-abortion slogan.

And you might wanna cozy up in an abortion sweater, as reported by the AP:

The collection…featured a purple jacket with the slogan “My Body, My Choice” on the back, and a sweater emblazoned with the date “May 22, 1978,” marking the day that abortion became legal in Italy.

Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, said the new line was partially inspired by Alabama.

Pro-life legislation in the Heart of Dixie — as well as in Georgia, Missouri, and Louisiana — made him “consider how much women should be highly respected.”

“Sometimes in life choices are difficult, but I believe that it is the most difficult decision for a woman. I respect that decision. I respect that decision as I respect the idea that the uterus is a garden. I wanted to portray the idea that to interrupt a pregnancy does not wipe out the garden, the flower, that is the uterus of every woman.”

That’s nice. I know whenever I pull on a T-shirt, I like to feel as if I’m slipping into a uterus. The garden kind, specifically.


The AP described the setting:

He imagined the show as a bacchanal under the streets of London — that is to say, a place where anything goes. Models strode past the ancient statuary under roaming spot and flashlights. The show opened with a long black skirt and belted top worn with a dramatic, crystal-accented headdress, followed by a red-headed model wearing a quiet pink toga.


The brand has a longstanding affair with abortion:

The collection also included T-shirts reading “Chime” for Gucci’s Chime for Change charity founded in 2013 supporting reproductive rights, maternal health and the freedom of choice.

So celebrate clothes and celebration abortion; Chime on, fashionistas.



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