Meghan McCain: She and the Media Owe Stormy Daniels a Giant Apology

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Personally, I like Meghan McCain. Here’s why: I believe she says what she truly thinks, as opposed to following any party line. I believe that, of course, because she veers far outside those lines, which may give many a reason to dislike her. But I also like her for her gutsiness in a scenario where she’s outnumbered on a liberal talk show (see the fire here, here, here, here, and here). Oh — and I like her makeup.


Maybe most days I like her mainly for her makeup.

On Thursday, The View’s lone blonde claimed the media owes Stormy Daniels an apology following the Justice Department’s indictment of national TV goofball Michael Avenatti (more here).

She even blamed, in part, herself:

“I think all of us in the media — he was on CNN like 211 times — we owe Stormy Daniels an apology.”

Whoopi Goldberg opened the discussion with charges against Michael and a pretty hilarious characterization of his defense: that he’s “guilty of flying too close to the sun.”

“Seriously, man? That’s — that’s how you’re seeing this? You flew too close to the sun?”


“He’s also accused of ripping off a paraplegic man who won a lawsuit for $4 million…$300,000 from…Stormy Daniels’s…book deal, among all the other things…”

I’m lovin’ Whoopi here:

“And how insane is it that you then — you know you have all this under the rug — you know it’s right there…there’s a little dust always blowin’ out. You know it’s there, and then here you come, talkin’ ’bout you gonna run for president. It’s like, dude — really?”


Pssst, Joy…go ahead and Democrat:

“But we have that going on in the White House, too.”

There ya go.

More Joy:

“I have to admit, I was fooled. But I was fooled by Trump, too. I thought he was not gonna be as crazy as he is.”

Sunny Hostin called stealing from a client and “co-mingling” personal funds with those of a client “the worst thing that a lawyer can be accused of.”

Then Meghan asserted Stormy’s been taken advantage of; she’s been run through the wringer.

It seems to me the porn star’s made life choices that aren’t wholly synonymous with self-protection; placing herself in a political storm — partially created by that placement — was, in my opinion, a fair bit perilous. But that’s just me.

Here’s makeupped McCain:

“Can I just say, on a serious note, I think we all owe Stormy Daniels an apology in the media. I mean, I was not fooled by him. … I thought he was a total con-artist from day one. … What this woman has been put through — she has had lawyer after lawyer take advantage of her, men take advantage of her. Her story is still very valid.”

Like The Dixie Chicks, Joy ain’t Ready to Make Nice:

“I’m not clear — why do I owe her an apology?”

Whoopi shrugged it off:


“Let’s go from here: This was her lawyer. So she was fooled, the show was fooled…and the bottom line in all of this is you don’t know ’til you know.”

The Sister Act star topped it off with this:

“When you got poop all over your feet, you don’t walk on a white rug.”

“That’s something my mother would’ve said,” Joy added.

I think this may be the first time I actually enjoyed an exchange on The View. Way to go, ladies. Nice poop talk, Whoopi.

As for Stormy, do you feel sorry for her? Michael Avenatti’s looking at as many as 300 years behind bars. He’s claimed, of course, abject innocence (see so much more here). Is Stormy more victim than poor maker of decisions? Sound off in the Comments section. And don’t step in poop.


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