Dumb University of Cambridge Rescinds Fellowship Offer to Brilliant Jordan Peterson



On Wednesday, the University of Cambridge rescinded its offer of visiting fellowship to brilliant Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson in light of complaint from some students and faculty.


Jordan was set to begin at the college’s divinity school in October — which would’ve been faaantastic.

But now? Nope.

Speaking to The Daily Caller, Jordan said he found out about his uncanny canning via social media. He also said the decision constituted “cheap, political posturing.”

The school:


“We’re foot-shootin’ dorks.”

Jordan had been excited about the teaming up:

“I thought collaboration would be in our mutual interest. Divinity schools are trying desperately hard in the modern world to retain their credibility, authority, and voice, and I don’t think there is a phenomena comparable to what happened when I released my (attention-getting YouTube) lectures on Genesis.”

Oh, and there’s a buncha B.S. floatin’ around — not unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s much-vilified cow farts (here):

“I think if the people that are inspired toward enmity by me spend more time reading what I’m saying and less time parroting the same lies, they’d find they have far less reason to oppose my existence.”


That seems to be the situation with much of conservatism, as viewed by the other side.

If you’re not familiar with Jordan, do yourself a favor and go here. Additionally, here’s another intelluectual delight: Thomas Sowell. You’re welcome.



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