Former U.S. Attorney Disappoints 'The View': Trump's 'Not Going to be Hauled Out in Handcuffs'



On Tuesday, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara appeared on ABC’s The View and surely broke some hearts: He explained to the gals and the liberal audience that the fantasy of Donald Trump being taken away in shackles is never going to be made a reality.



Asserting that special counsel Robert Mueller will stick to the policy of not indicting a sitting president, Preet — who was fired by the President — turned smiles upside down:

“He’s not going to be hauled out in handcuffs.”

Dang it!

When will the Mueller investigation — which has gone on an on and on and on and on and on — be done? According to Preet, the (paraphrased) answer is “whenever Robert believes it’s done, and not a second before”:

“He’s very methodical. He won’t do anything before it’s time.”

Meghan McCain — having just had another big dustup with the Commander-in-Chief (here) — asked Preet what he expected the Russia probe to turn up.

“A lot of people in the country, like Joy, are hoping that the President is going to be walking out of the White House in handcuffs when all of this is over,” she noted.

Preet recognized his audience:

“Now I’m worried that I’ll disappoint the crowd. He’s not going to be hauled out in handcuffs. Maybe he should be. Maybe that’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime. But as people have talked about for a while now, there is a written guidance policy document in the Department of Justice that says a sitting president cannot be prosecuted.”


Maybe he should be?

Either way, he said, a lot Americans will be upset in the end “because they don’t get the outcome they want.”

How about this: Also, a lot of Americans’ll be pleased as punch.



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