District Judge Shoots Down Trump's Denial of Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities; But is He Objective?



Sanctuary cities are a strange thing, indeed: They’re essentially territories declaring that the U.S. is not a country, but — rather — merely a physical part of the one-world planet.


Donald Trump ain’t much for the idea.

Subsequently, he’d like to drop the bomb of denied federal funding onto such pseudo-secessors, but yet another judge has put the kibosh on the kaboom.

On Monday, Judge William Orrick III — who was appointed to Northern California’s U.S. District Court by Barack Obama — ruled that the State Department can’t withhold law enforcement grants from sanctuary jurisdictions. Not, that is, without an act of Congress.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi will lead that charge — the immoral representative does, after all, have a wall on her personal property (here and here).

According to The Washington Post, the city of San Francisco — who, along with the state, filed suit against the federal government — was looking at a loss of over $30 million if Trump prevailed.

Judge Orrick explained:

“Congress knows how to grant broad discretionary authority but did not do so here.”

Orrick also made news in 2015, when he slapped a temporary restraining order on the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress.

Perhaps not uncoincidentally, Orrick’s wife — as per RedState legend streiff — is “a pro-abortion activist.”

Read more about that mess here.

Back to the slop of today, the court ruling is the 10th against The Donald’s attempt at federal retention of cash reserved for cities who subscribe to a national border.

As summarized by The Daily Caller:

The President issued an executive order in January 2017 that blocked federal funding sanctuary cities in an effort to force them to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. The Justice Department went a step further later that year by targeting 29 cities, metro areas, counties and states, accusing them of violating federal law with their “sanctuary policies.” Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned in a letter to the 29 jurisdictions that they must comply with federal law or else risk losing on millions in funds.


So much for “must.”

And the battle rages on…



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