Heart of Gold: President Trump Fulfills Terminally Ill Man's Wish, Thanks to His Loving Sister



How about some good news?

Despite the media’s revolutionary turn on Donald Trump since he threw his hat into the presidential ring with that dreaded “R” next to his name, he does, as it turns out, have a heart.


44-year-old Jay Barrett loves Trump. The West Haven, Connecticut man also has terminal cystic fibrosis.

On Sunday, Jay departed the Yale New Haven Hospital to begin palliative care at his sister’s home.

Once there, he confided to his “100-percent Democrat” sis, Bridgette, that he wished he could speak to the President.

Bridgette hopped on social media, asking friends and family to send emails to the White House:

“Please log onto whitehouse.gov and send a request to the president asking him to contact my brother. He loves Trump and it’s on his bucket list. He’s currently in Yale’s ICU so this happening would be amazing. Use your info and my brothers in the message.”

A day later, Jay received got the ring of a lifetime. Watch the heartwarming video below.

What does Jay like so much about The Donald? Just ask his favorite sibling:

“He’ll say, ‘Trump is my president.’ He loves the fact that Trump speaks his mind.”

Despite her identification as a Dem to the bone, Bridgette told the New Haven Register family is more important:

“My brother is very conservative, but politics aside, I think in a family, religion and politics are off the table. He hasn’t always had it easy and been able to do the things other people do. But yeah, he’s my baby brother — time is chasing us.”


Bridgette is right. In a way that we all should be.



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