Jenna Jameson Lashes Out at Democrats' Vote to 'Butcher Babies'



As I wrote here, we’re living in strange political times. Those on the Left are pushing bizarre sexual politics, while on the Right, we have an outspoken porn star.


When it comes to her thoughts on abortion, adult actress Jenna Jameson leaves nothing to the imagination:

“#MarchForLife — Children are the ultimate blessing.”

Not that she’d need to be pro-life to be anti-child murder (here, here, here, here, and here).

Jenna took to Twitter to eviscerate Democrats over their Monday night verdict of death to babies, listing those in the congressional jury:

“These monster democrats are essentially butchering babies. #BornAliveAct.”

Then she went further:

“If you are a Democrat and support this evil, you are damned.”

Now that’s a woman who speaks her mind.

And one should — when it comes to murder.

Recently-converted Jew Jenna gave birth to her third child, daughter Batel, last April. See a video of the two below.


She may not be the most conventional voice of conservatism, but she’s in the Right camp.

More importantly, she’s on the side of life. And, so far as I’m concerned, her voice is welcome.



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