'You Sound Like a REEEAL Attractive Guy' -- Psychiatrists Diagnose 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'



Are you sick of Donald Trump?

If so, you’re not alone.

Do you suffer from panic, depression, sexual dysfunction, or other anxiety-related maladies? You may have TAD. Just a tad.


Consider the terrible oppression of Trump Anxiety Order, a new diagnosis courtesy of a psychologist in Evanston Illinois.

Raw Story reports:

According to a therapist…the President — as an omnipresent figure — looms darkly over everyone’s lives.

MAN — I’ve always wanted to be omnipresent. Lucky dog! Or maybe I shouldn’t call the father of the nation a dog. Therapist Cynthia Baum-Baicker explains:

“Authority figures represent the parent, [so] President Trump seats in the seat of parent for all Americans…So now, my ‘father figure’ is a bully, is an authoritarian who doesn’t believe in studying and doing homework. … [Rather than reassurance] he creates uncertainty.”

Oookaaay. Back to Raw Story:

Trump’s distinctive brand of “provocation, brinkmanship, and self-drama,” is leading to what [psychologist Jennifer Panning] calls “Trump Anxiety Disorder” that is affecting even those who don’t follow politics.

Wow — even those who don’t follow politics! Wouldn’t that be most left-wingers? Sorry — cheap shot.

What are the symptoms of TAD? Well, they include “increased worry, obsessive thought patterns, muscle tension and obsessive preoccupation with the news.”

And there’s always the ol’ Bedroom Malaise:

[Baum-Baicker]…is treating a couple whose sex life has been undermined by conflicting opinions about Trump…

Politico confirms the epidemic, which may result in convulsing liberals:


During normal times, therapists say, their sessions deal with familiar themes: relationships, self-esteem, everyday coping. Current events don’t usually invade. But numerous counselors said Trump and his convulsive effect on America’s national conversation are giving politics a prominence on the psychologist’s couch not seen since the months after 9/11—another moment in which events were frightening in a way that had widespread emotional consequence.

Oh — also noted by Politico: the President’s a psycho:

The American Psychiatric Association in a May survey found that 39 percent of people said their anxiety level had risen over the previous year—and 56 percent were either “extremely anxious” or “somewhat anxious about “the impact of politics on daily life.” A 2017 study found two-thirds of Americans’ see the nation’s future as a “very or somewhat significant source of stress.”

For two years or more, commentators have been cross-referencing observations of presidential behavior with the official APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s definition of narcissistic personality disorder. Journalists have compared contemporary video of Trump with interviews from the 1980s for signs of possible cognitive decline.

A more plausible interpretation, in the view of some psychological experts, is that Trump has been cultivating, adapting and prospering from his distinctive brand of provocation, brinkmanship and self-drama for the past 72 years. What we’re seeing is merely the president’s own definition of normal. It is only the audience that finds the performance disorienting.

In other words: He’s not crazy, but the rest of us are getting there fast.


Some of them are definitely getting there (here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, and here).



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