TV Star Kevin 'Hercules' Sorbo on Fox: Building a Wall is Immoral, But Late Term Abortion Isn't?



Television’s Hercules appeared on Fox News to talk about New York and Virginia’s recent moves to allow abortion up until — and (in the case of Kathy Tran of Virginia) during — birth. AND, as per Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, after birth.


Yes — AFTER (Really, though, what’s the difference of a few minutes?).

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Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream welcomed actor Kevin Sorbo — star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Here’s what the outspoken Christian had to say:

“The audacity of the Left — you just had a segment on there talking about the wall. They tell us building the border wall is immoral, but killing a baby right at nine months is okay and that’s fine.”

By the way: I don’t care what anyone says; Hercules is an awesome show. So is Xena: Warrior Princess.

Back to the Legendary Journeyman:

“You know, there’s a group of people about 70 years ago that decided what lives were worth living and what lives were not, and they were called the Nazis. I mean, it’s incredible to me how far this country has fallen into such a weird, weird space. It’s just sad.”

They were also socialists (here, here, and here); but I digress…

Shannon asked about conservative misrepresentation of the recent abortion legislation:

“Well, and you know, many on the left are going to say that’s not an accurate representation. We had someone from Planned Parenthood in the first part of our show and said that there really isn’t abortion up until birth, but we know that there are eight states now, and DC, that allows it pretty much up through a due date.”


Kevin dropped some science. Literally:

“You know, Shannon, there’s a heartbeat at 22 days. At 22 days, there’s a heartbeat. If that’s not a life, then tell me what it is, okay? You look back over the last century, if you want to talk about history – unfortunately, we don’t teach history anymore in schools – but if you look at the history, close to 100 million babies have been terminated ― their lives [have] been terminated in the wombs.”

Ol’ Herc said when women see their babies onscreen, for the vast majority, it’s Game Over:

“Women— I do a lot of speaking events. I do a lot of pro-life speaking events across the country. I’ve been doing it about seven years now. … [Y]ou look at what’s going on with these women that want abortions, they talk them into doing a sonogram. Of [those who want] abortions, and they do that sonogram, 80 percent change their mind. You know why? They hear a heartbeat, and they realize that heartbeat is not their own – 80 percent. We gotta get more of these sonograms out there. It’s very important for people to realize what’s going on inside their bodies.”

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