White Fitness Model Excoriated as Racist for Lifting His 'Person of Color' Friend Over His Head



In case you’ve forgotten, as per the Left, the world consists of only two races: whites and colored. The Democratic Party has reduced the entire planet to a set of 1960’s southern restrooms.


Way to go, goobs.

The side of the political aisle that champions minorities wants none of them to have their own designation — only whites get that. Every other race is just, blanketly, “people of color” (here, here, here, and here).

Are we just around the corner from the shorthand of “notwhite”?

By the way: If you ever have a camera and someone notwhite is in front of it, you have to show their face, you racist b*st*rd.

Learn more here:

Math teacher-turned model Pietro Boselli posted a workout video to Facebook and YouTube last week, and his employment of a Filipino dude as — essentially — a weightlifting prop — put him in boiling hot water with The Woke. He got sauteed over his use of “that” and “my weight” in reference to the guy.

Check out the GIF. Oh — sorry; Trigger Warning:

One YouTube user was in complete dismay:

“You did not just go to an island in the Philippines and pretend to catch a person of color in the wild to use as a tool for your workout so that you can exploit it for monetisation on your YouTube channel?”

Another was outraged:


“This is outrageous. The Filipino man is referred to by the white man (Pietro Boselli) as ‘that’ and ‘my weight’, he doesn’t have a name, neither do we see his face clearly, nor do we hear him speak, he is purely an object to be used by the white man, and must be approached ‘slowly because he can get scared and start running’?”

His mother didn’t even give him a name! He has no name, just like people of color!

Here’s another atrocity:

Pietro tried to defend himself:

“I am so far removed from racism that I cannot possibly see anything racist about a funny video I have made with my friend Danel (the Filipino man in the video). We all have differences but we are all the same as human beings. I have and always will respect everyone. If anyone sees any racism in this video, they probably have racism in their head. I and Danel alike, still think this is a light hearted and funny video.”

If you aren’t horrified by Pietro’s show of muscle at the expense of a you-know-what, you need to Woke up. Otherwise, you may see his friend as a Filipino guy — or, even worse, just as a person. And the video may suddenly, therefore, transform into a silly clip and nothing more. But that wouldn’t be woke, it wouldn’t be enlightened, and it wouldn’t be absolutely ridiculous.




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