Outspoken Border Rancher Jim Chilton Joins Trump Onstage with a Message for Nancy Pelosi



Speaking at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention in New Orleans Monday, President Trump brought up Arizona rancher Jim Chilton. Sportin’ a really big cowboy hat, Jim had a special message for goofy Speaker Nancy Pelosi (goofy here, goofy here, and goofy here).


Jim started off, “Mr. President, we need a wall. I would say we need a wall all around all the length of the border.”

The rancher then turned his remarks toward Nancy, who recently — and also ridiculously, absurdly, hypocritically, and a whole buncha other -ly words — called the idea of a border wall “an immorality.”

Take it away, Jim:

“We’ve got to stop the drug-packers bringing drugs in[to the country] to poison our people, and I would say to Speaker Pelosi, walls are not ‘immoral.’ In fact, I have traveled around the world. The biggest wall I’ve ever seen is around the Vatican. Now, you can’t tell me that the wonderful priests and officials of the Roman Catholic Church, including the Pope, are immoral. They have a wall. Why can’t we?”

Jim knows his stuff — as previously covered by RedState’s Elizabeth Vaughn in her piece “Arizona Rancher Shows Why We Need A Border Wall”:

Arizona rancher John Chilton owns 50,000 acres of land which lies on the US/Mexico border. Chilton has installed a camera on his property to film the continuous stream of illegal aliens entering our country and has provided The Daily Caller with footage. The video below shows 25 minutes of the never ending flow of “human smugglers, drug cartel members and illegal immigrants crossing into the US.”


Incidentally, in addition to the Pope’s, there’s another wall perhaps Jim should see — the one around Pelosi’s multimillion dollar California estate. That wall was scaled Monday, at which point Nancy got the police involved (here).

It may be said — therefore — that Nancy lives, surrounded by immorality. The 78-year-old politician — who, along with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama, previously supported the “immoral” 2006 Fence Act — also hoofs it, immersed in hypocrisy.

Of course, it’s more than unlikely that Nancy’ll listen to Jim. Many on the Left are no doubt less concerned about the views of ranchers and more disturbed by the sexism of “dude ranch.” Still, it was a nice move by Trump, and Jim seems like one cool ranch dude.


BONUS: To see the hilarious thing Trump did just before he left for New Orleans, go here.


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