Triple-Amputee Veteran Goes to Nancy Pelosi to Collect Her Promised $1 for His Border Wall GoFundMe



The GoFundMe page for the border wall continues to build steam. Next stop: Nancy Pelosi.

As I covered on December 22nd, the DIY initiative had, at the time, raised more than $15 million (here).


Unsurprisingly, the rate of growth has slowed; however, the tally is nonetheless past $19 million, thanks to 321,482 donations. That’s from only 20 days.

As we await government resolution over the budget for southern-perimeter security, Nancy “Armageddon” Pelosi said last week that she’d give up a single dollar for Trump’s wall. This is, of course, nothing to the left-winger who — despite her perpetual push for higher taxes (via extended spending) — is reportedly worth $120 million. So detached is she, that Pelosi — in response to the positive impact of GOP-led tax reform — previously called $3,000 “pathetic crumbs” (here and here).

That’s who’s deciding your economic fate, folks.

And man — I’d looove to daily live off of crumbs.

So a dollar shouldn’t be too much to ask from the old Capitol Hill haunter, right?

Choice super-goofy, absurd quote from Nancy, by the way:

“A wall is an immorality.”

For more silly quotes from Nancy, just look up quotes from Nancy.

Anyway, she also committed to — from the same recent press conference — a buck:

“A dollar. One dollar. “

That was her offer of contribution.



The GoFundMe page’s creator, triple-amputee Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage, intends upon collecting that 100 cents. He indicated such as he entered into the Capitol’s visitor center Friday, in a video by The Daily Caller:

“We are going to meet with Nancy Pelosi to collect our one dollar that she said she was going to give toward Trump’s border wall. I highly doubt she expected anyone to kind of take her serious and call her out on it, but we’re going to see if she’ll fess up and give us her buck. We’re taking one dollar at a time to build that wall.”

He also predicted:

“I’m sure if this goes through and she meets with me and has like an honest discussion, I think that she’s probably going to try to spin for her own agenda.”

On Friday, Brian made his move.

As it turned out, his prediction was correct: She spun alright — she spun around and went the other way. Despite what the war vet had been told the night before, Fancy Nancy musta got antsy. She was gone.

Watch the video below, and stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, I’d like to juxtapose Brian’s civil and reasonable attempt to meet with a congressperson against Alyssa Milano and gang’s forward thrust from this story in September. Please watch both and share your thoughts on the differences in the Comments section.




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