'The View': Meghan McCain v. Migrant Caravan, Sunny Hostin Cites 'Majority' of Illegals from Where??



It’s a fight!

On The View Monday, the girls clashed over the caravan of people from Central America, seemingly marching to the gates of the U.S. with a battering ram.


New sorta-conservative (see here) Abby Huntsman told the girls “it’s heartbreaking” to see the throngs of people coming toward us, and that her attitude is “humanity first.”

What does that mean?

Meghan McCain countered:

“We’re also a nation of laws. We’re a nation of laws and borders, which is part of my problem with the way some of this is being spun. We all — this is a nation of immigrants, obviously.”

Right. Kind of. More so, we are a nation of the ancestors of immigrants. And “immigrants’ means people who came in through our country’s immigration system (here and here). The settlers were not immigrants, in that there was no country to which they could immigrate. They were founders, not immigrants, per se.

Unfortunately, in the Left’s continued war on language they — and many, many, many news organizations — have begun employing “immigrant” as “person sneaking across the border.” Not the same thing. We are not a nation of that.

McCain espoused coming to America “through proper legal channels” and pointed out yet another move on the Left likely to give the GOP a midterm boost:

“So, when you see these images, this is a conservative fever dream and a gift to the mid-term elections, because this is exactly what conservatives think people on the left want to have happening to this country. … What a lot of people on the left are saying — no one on this table — is that you want open borders and no consequences whatsoever.”


Then, fightin’ words…

Left-wing, perplexingly pro-no-proof attorney (see here) Sunny Hostin lamented she wished conservatives “would tell the truth about what’s really happening in immigration.”

Meghan got miffed.

“Did you just accuse me of not telling the truth?”

Sunny clarified that she meant “people on the Right.”

So…there are no people on the Right on The View? Then how does it serve to show views?

Oh, yeah — it kind of doesn’t.

Nevertheless less, McCain corrected, “I’m on the Right.”

“You’re not on the extreme Right. You’re not,” Joy Behar clarified.

Surprisingly, McCain touted something you rarely hear confessed among television conservatives — extremeness:

“I’m more extreme on this issue than I think people realize. I come from a border state. And when you hear stories like Kathryn Steinle who was shot and killed by an immigrant who was in San Francisco — which is one of the states where you can go if there are no…she was shot and killed — sanctuary cities…”

That would be illegal immigrant, Meghan. Illegal.

Not just “immigrant.”

Sunni offered something that I’m still trying to figure out:

“A large majority of illeg– undocumented immigrants are from Sweden. They’re from Canada.”

Uhhh…no they aren’t.

Then an alarm went off somewhere on a left-wing clock, and it was time to interject Democrats’ increasingly singular go-to:


“It’s always about brown and black people.”

Oh, boy.

It’s sad that a belief in immigration law now appears to be radically right-wing.

Sometimes, it seems the very concept of America is right-wing, and the Left just want something else entirely.

These ain’t your Grandpa’s Democrats.


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