Joe Scarborough: for SCOTUS, Trump Will Pick 'the White Man'



The Left are totally against racial profiling. Except for when they’re…profiling.

On Thursday’s installation of Morning Joe, the group tossed around President Trump’s prospective pick for Supreme Court Justice. Specifically, they discussed Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.


In the view of Mike Allen, co-founder of Axios, Trump will ultimately go with the candidate with whom he feels “the personal connection…in that moment.” Host Joe Scarborough had a different idea:

“So you’re saying he’s going to pick the man — the white man.” 

Scarborough’s comment shouldn’t come as a surprise — this is same network, after all, which claimed the Trump women are “dead inside” (please be amazed by that here).

Joe went on to explain that “90 percent of Donald Trump’s selections for U.S. Attorneys and federal judges were white men.”

Well, how many of Trump’s conservative options in those cases were female and non-white?

Was Scarborough suggesting that Donald Trump’s decisions in those instances were based on the person’s sex and race, rather than their positions on issues or their qualifications?

Hey — I just stumbled onto a hypothesis…this could set the world on fire: Donald J. Trump is a sexist racist.

Even so, during the conversation, guest Katty Kay, anchor for BBC World News America, postulated Trump’s pick for justice may be Barrett, due to her better suiting his base:


“You’re right, he has a thing about appointing white guys. But it wouldn’t totally surprise me if he goes for somebody who feels more in line with the base on this one and gets his excitement about the base going.”

I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen anyone in the mainstream media refer to a Republican taking action based on high ideals or choosing someone based on their beliefs or qualifications. It seems the evil fakes in the GOP are always appointing and nominating and choosing based on racism and sexism. And if not that, then merely to placate the idiot voters. It’s never an extension of the Republican being a genuine human being.

Conversely, I don’t seem to recall any of the same ever said about a Democrat. It’s always just, “‘So-and-so’ would be great for this job.”

The media elites exist in a bubble; to them, it seems, Democrats are people trying to make a difference; Republicans are convictionless hatemongers trying to satisfy a depraved base. And so long as they see the world in that light, they will never view Republican politicians — or the voters whom they represent (that would be, you) — with respect.


But luckily, they don’t run the world. And one of the most biggest world-changers in America is about to be chosen by a man who will decide, not based on a racial or a sexual profile, but rather, their ability to best side with the very label they will wear: justice.

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