Media Goes Dark Over "Stand For the Second" School Walkout

On Wednesday, students across the country did something we have been conditioned to believe is an abject impossibility: they voiced support for the 2nd Amendment.

The protest occurred two days ago; yet, how many people have heard about it?

The mainstream media has done everything in its power to bolster the position of teenage gun-control advocates since the February 14th mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school. Networks have welcomed the youngsters as on-air guests and praised their political expression and involvement. On March 14th, the anti-right-to-bear-arms National School Walkout was held to “protect kids, not guns,” led by what The New York Times hailed as “savvy,” “eloquent young voices.” Another day of demonstration by the NSW, commemorating the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, took place on April 20th. The Times gushed over the adolescents’ liberal sensibilities:

“Even after a year of near continuous protesting — for women, for the environment, for (illegal) immigrants and more — the emergence of people not even old enough to drive as a political force has been particularly arresting, unsettling a gun control debate that had seemed impervious to other factors.”

Clearly, according to New York’s premier newspaper, the only “arresting” maneuvers for change are those which endorse left-wing causes.

But what of the conservative politics of Generation Z? Where is the mainstream applause for right-wing youthful mavericks’ social consciousness?

On May 2rd at 10 a.m., students across 40 states — many donning T-shirts proclaiming “Stand for the 2nd Walkout” — left their classes to rally behind the 2nd Amendment. Strangely, the media failed to heap affection on those future leaders standing up for their beliefs.

On April 20th, major networks devoted 10 minutes to a celebratory portrayal of the anti-gun protest. By contrast, CBS was alone among the Big Three Wednesday with their online report, which went up after the CBS Evening News had said goodnight.

Wednesday’s tumbleweeds blowing across Media Town are simply par for the anti-gun course. In fact, a March study by MRC found:

“Since February 15 (the day after the Parkland, Florida school shooting) through March 19…(ABC, CBS and NBC) morning and evening news programs  have aired a whopping 69 stories, plus an additional nine interviews, talking about the students’ anti-gun efforts. During that same time, these networks failed to run even a single story mentioning any of the students from the same high school (like Kyle Kashuv) who have openly championed the Second Amendment.”

Moreover, MRC discovered that anti-gun school kids were given airtime over pro-gun students at a ratio of 11 to one.

The media loves an outspoken juvenile — “Out of the mouths of babes…” News giants clamor to broadcast the passions of the young. Unless, of course, the children have something conservative to say. In that case, it’s radio silence.