It's Time To Assume We're Already Dead

I’ve been beating the drum of #NeverTrump everywhere I go the last several days and have been fortunate enough to have some networks offering me the air-time to do it.  Interestingly, many on the right side of the aisle keep “warning” me that I’m being used by the lefty media who wishes to co-opt my message to fulfill their own dirty narratives.


The problem with that warning is that I’m in full agreement with the dirty narrative being described.

For the first time in my career, I am completely aligned with the talking points of the left on the GOP presidential nominee. He is a dangerous sociopath who uses xenophobic & racist dog whistles to stoke fear in masses of uninformed voters so that he can get to Washington and use the power of the pen to push billions of dollars to corporations as he cuts deals behind the scenes that benefit the most powerful and corrupt people in the world.

Yes, we’ve actually nominated someone that sounds like he was created in a lab by Michael Moore.

The most disturbing part of this is the fact that most pundits & politicians on the right don’t even entirely disagree with my assessment. They’ve all said as much, over and over, throughout this primary season.

But now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, they’ve all gone silent and some are completely reversing saying that we must unify around planet Trump.


Unifying around Trump is the absolute worst and most dangerous thing we can do. For the next 6 months, there can be many different narratives that take shape. The only one we can be certain about is how Trump will be described which I’ve already helpfully done above.

The rest of the narrative could be “and he is roundly rejected by the vast majority of conservatives in the Republican Party” or “massive walkout at the Republican National Convention shows that the only unity taking place is in opposition to this walking reality tv show teaser.”


Paul Ryan, Bush 41 & 43, Bill Kristol, Ben Sasse, and many others, are setting a great example right now by not giving in to the pressure.

Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry and Rand Paul have all decided that it’s more important to log GOP unity than it is to save conservatism.


I’m told that in war, the men fighting were better served when they assumed they were already dead. That this assumption would alleviate much of their anxiety because the one thing that they were most worried about was already settled.

This psychological trick is what I’ve employed to get through this campaign season. Whether you believe it or not, we have lost. It’s time for people to start thinking that way so that they can wake up to the reality that losing an election doesn’t have to be losing our identity.



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