Russia Blasts U.S. Over Syrian Missile Strikes, Says Trump Violated International Law

Russia tonight issued an angry recrimination against the United States over the strike on Syrian targets. Fifty-nine “Tomahawk” missiles rained fire on the Syrian air base the U.S. says was responsible for the recent chemical weapon attack in the country. Moscow is not pleased with the strike.

The statement, with a straight face, said the strikes were launched on an “invented pretext” and “violated international law”. They also reiterated their position that the Syrian army “does not have any chemical weapons.”

So to summarize, Putin is saying Trump launched an illegal attack under false pretenses in order to distract people from his own failings elsewhere (Iraq.)

It would be nice to say “suck it, Putin” – the idea of Russia opining about obeying international law and respecting sovereignty is so laughable it hurts – but we don’t know for sure yet that our continuing policy won’t be changed by their reaction. Consider what Secretary Tillerson said, amazingly, about the major attack and reversal of policy.

“You should not in any way extrapolate that [the strikes] changed our policy or posture on Syria in any way.”

We will see what there is to see, but for now the news is that Russia condemns the strikes and says the attack was a violation of international law and an attack on a sovereign nation under false pretenses.

That is no small charge, PR or not, but it is a very familiar one. They said the same thing two and a half years ago about Obama’s air strikes.

And the smaller question than how it will affect U.S.-Russia relations is .. how will it affect Putin-MAGA relations? The Trump fanboi club have become quite enamored of Vlad. Will this statement affect the crush?

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