It's Here: Today is Border Wall Day

Today could be the day. After many months and many doubts, after many questions including the still yuge one about who will pay, Trump is expected today to sign an Executive Order that the wall, THE wall, be built along the border between the United States and Mexico.

This will be just one of many actions he is expected to take this week on immigration (although Obama’s executive amnesty is not among them).

Susan enlightens us here on exactly who will pay for the wall, should it be built.

Will it be a real physical wall as he has repeatedly promised? We’ll see. During the campaign, Trump surrogate and first congressional endorser Rep. Chris Collins tempered that expectation. “I have called it a virtual wall,” he told a reporter. “Maybe we will be building a wall over some aspects of it; I don’t know.”

That “I don’t know” leaves an open end. Maybe, as John McCain has said in the past, it will be a technology wall, rather than “brick and mortar” in some places. Or maybe the Great Wall will be an actual replica of that other famous one out East. There are not too many specifics available.

But it’s pretty clear he’s going to issue an Executive Order that the wall be built in some way. If it is, it will not just be one campaign promise kept, it will be the biggest, most spectacular, most humongous campaign promise ever made and kept, believe me.


But who will pay?