The Final Electoral Map Based on RCP State Averages

Here we go, this is the last projection from RealClearPolitics, and man alive is this going to be a nail-biter. (You can create your own map here and share the result in the comments.)

Let’s waste no time, here it is:


The Weekly Standard‘s John McCormack tweeted this:

Final RCP map: Clinton up by 0.6 in this map’s tipping point state of NH. Trump up 1 in NC, 0.8 in NV, 0.2 in FL.

At Townhall, the Tip Sheet notes:

RCP’s state averages were correct about the winner in 49 out of 50 states in 2012. If Trump can flip a battleground state, the race could be his to win.

This is the latest as of this morning, but is no change from the very late last night overall count here.

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